Dia Mundial del Spanking

Spanish spanktastic goodness. There are heaps of excellent Spanish spanking blogs in blogland, and they have decided to make this day “World Spanking Day” or Dia Mundial del Spanking.

Why not? Sounds like an ab fab idea to me. Also if you take two “number eights” and put them next to each other, kinda’ looks like a bottom.

This is inspiring me to create another special day, such as, hmm, how about a “For the Love of God, Please Leave a Comment on My Blog Day” ?

Anyway, this a great chance to show some love to some of the Spanish blogs that are doing their red-ass spanking thing and kicking ass whilst doing so.

The “showing some blog love” phrase is a wonderful idea that Richard Windsor came up with, in which he periodically highlights notable blogs, both old and new. Do check out Richard Windsor’s blog and show the man some love. (i.e. say hi and leave a comment).

While there is a language issue for many of us, you can also try Babelfish or Google Translate — or just enjoy the vivid spankosexual imagery.

Do stop by and say hi and leave a comment, as most of these bloggers know English and, just like us, LOVE comments. Here are some well-known Spanish blogs to get you started.

There are so many that I apologize in advance if I’m leaving you off this list! It’s not all inclusive–just supposed to be a sampler. Feel free to email me however if I’m leaving off some important ones. Also, the link lists on these blogs will lead you to yet more Spanish spanktastic goodness:

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