Cherry Red Hires Three New Interns

Please join me in spanking welcoming three new Fall editorial assministrators to the Cherry Red Report: Kym, Lucy-Anne and Holly. They be working hotly feverishly on integrating the blog link thingies, coding the new XTML gizmotrons and leveraging the Interwebs and whatnot.

I can dream, can’t I? ?

Photo courtesy of St. Mackenzie’s.

P.S. Click here for more pix from this gallery of hotness.  🙂

Tight Ends; And Pajama Spanking News

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In other cherry reddening news, there’s been several new pajama spanking vids that get my spanko senses tingling, because nothing goes better than PJ’s getting peeled down and glowing posteriors. So do check out this Triple A Spanking gallery featuring the amazing Danielle and her pervy StepDad. There’s more Danielle spanking pix in this tribute to Danielle blog post.


Here’s another delicious red-ass gallery with the tantalizing triumvirate of PJ’s-clad Lilia Spinoza, Mary Jane and Veronica Ricci getting a bedtime dose of the hairbrush. [See sample piccy below.]

PJ’s rock.

Lelia feels the wrath of the Tutor's brush, as Veronica and Mary Jane await their comeuppance.

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Looking for a spanktastic gift idea or whatnot? Check out a few thrilling new products over at Cherry Red Report’s Fine Apparel Store of Exclusive Undergarments and Such.

Tight Ends


In case you missed it, Shadow Lane released a unique and fab spanking instructional video called, naturally, Spanking 101.

Directed by Eve Howard, with tips, advice and ideas that is must-viewing for all cherry red enthusiasts, from newbie spankos all the way to seasoned butt blazers alike.

Bolstered by a small team of elves, the hard-working CRR editorial crew is feverishly slaving away on thrilling forthcoming bloggy-style posts, including a feature on classic Janus magazine covers; an interview with Amelia Jane Rutherford; a feature on Kyle Johnson on his experience shooting with the unstoppable Clare Fonda on her flagship Spanked Sweeties website; an interview with a supah’ kewl spanko photog by the name of PhotoDave; also, there are heaps of blazing hot spanked male asses for those so inclined over at Spanking4Men; check out several new designs over at CherryRedWear; and stay tuned for more cherry red awesomsauce.

>>>In other yumtacular news….This just in: a brand new hot PJ’s and hairbrush spanking gallery from Clare Fonda.

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Editors Picks

Tight End

@@! >!

To those that celebrate, Happy Spanksgiving! And now back to our regularly scheduled programming: More daisy duke shorty-shorts n’ spanky pix can be found in a classic post here; a fresh new gallery featuring Tegan Summers; and you can read about my Daisy Dukes Addiction Disorder [DDAD] plus what I think is one of the greatest spanky/shorty-shorts pix eva’.

In literary news, the unstoppable Loki Renard has a classic, delightful Victorian spanking novel in the works, and you can read a smouldering excerpt right here.

Looking for a thrilling spanking-related gift idea? Skip the malls and check out some Cherry Red Wear.

There’s a promising, brand-new spanking site called Firm Discipline run by a real-life spanking couple featuring pix ‘n’ vids — definitely perv on over and check out the cherry red goodness.

Clare Fonda

Clare Fonda just released a few yummy galleries including Alexis Grace getting a good tanning

….as well as Kay Richards gets her impossibly skin-tightttt jeans toasted, and Clare swats naughty boy Ace’s perky posterior. Ah yes, and don’t forget new Sweetie Missy Rhodes. Awesomesauce.

From ace spanko producers Shadow Lane, their cherry reddening film Bad Girls, starring Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James, continues to be one of the most popular films at On-Demand spanking video site CherryRedMovies.

In a yummy Spankgsiving themed update, Sarah Gregory refuses to help her Mom, played by the sinfully strict Dana Specht, with the Thanksgiving dinner prep and earns herself some hot-crossed buns. Click here for a free spanking gallery. Oh…and also, Dad lends a hand too! Talk about teamwork….

Heaps of butt-blazing activity at Firm Hand Spanking, with new bottoms on the block Melanie Taylor and Kelly Morgan learning the meaning of discipline. Click for photo and vid samples.