Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: The Red-Assed Artistry of Spanking Illustrator Nik Zula

It was with spanko senses tingling that I first stumbled upon the refreshingly fun and light-hearted, yet sexy, spanking artistry of Nik Zula.   Naturally, one just can’t get enough red-assed art, and to discover a fresh and tasty new artist is always a thrill.

His work evokes both the delightful innocence and inherent sexyness of the spanking fetish.  His work has that old-school vibe, that vintage look and retro feel.  And celebrities, superheroes, politicians and more are never safe from his sharp wit and even sharper pencil. . .

We thought we’d ask Nik a few questions on his scarlet-hued creations.

[Nik informed me he’s accepting commissions, so you can contact him through his profile page on the DeviantArt website [registration required.] Or hit me up via email and I can forward it to him.]

a dose of the belt from the boss; spanking art by Nik ZulaHow did you get into drawing spanking themes?

I have been interested in spanking since I was a child. I remember the emotion it caused me watching the spanking scenes in old movies and TV series being only a kid.

Also I remember being fascinated with some spanking sketches seen in old magazines…Today that emotion is lost, but I love the spanking theme, since I love drawing, I can’t avoid drawing spanking themes.

Your artwork is imbued with heapes of good humor and fun. Is that something you strive to achieve?

I can’t conceive spanking as a punishment. For me it is a funny and erotic game, and humor and fun is the character of game.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations ?

Ideas come from everywhere…I love silly comedy. Most of the situations come from conceiving a universe where these funny situations are possible and typical — thinking about the situations in real life that can end in a spanking cartoon in this parallel world…

Britney Spears gets a much-needed spankingI can not conceive real suffering in my cartoons… every character in my sketches knows that it’s for fun, and enjoys it.

Who do you think is the most spankable celebrity and why? [Editorial Note: That is Britney Spears facing the teacher’s paddle in a Nik Zula classic illo.]

Lots of them…maybe being a celebrity stirs our fantasy and makes her spankable…mmmm. I have seen “Iron Man 2″…and Scarlett Johansson is in the top five surely. And Jessica Biel!!!…and Jessica Alba,  Evangeline Lilly in “Lost.” And Eva Mendez…and Elizabeth Hurley, Natalie Portman…and…and…etc etc.

How long does it take to create a full-color drawing, from start to finish?

I’m rather erratic…but between five and ten hours for full color, and more if it’s something really special.

And finally, how long have you been drawing?

When I was a teenager I took a course of artistic drawing and painting, but seven years ago I began to draw in this humorous, erotic way and I love it…

Thank you for your time Nik, and keep up the wonderful cherry red spanking work!


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:arrow:Let me preface this post by saying that I viewed a few ass-warming films yesterday on CherryRedMovies and got my blogging mojo back. YES! For example, check out the divine Nikki Rouge in Bare Assets from industry pioneers Shadow Lane. And also red assed producer British Discipline is starting to offer some delicious spanking films. And when all else fails, one word: Amelia Jane Rutherford.

And now for our regularly scheduled programming. Anyway, you already know spankos rule.  And that we have eleventy million and two hundred and eight nine spanking blogs on the Interwebs.  But the spanko revolution is only just beginning. . .

Be that as it may, in our efforts here at cherry red HQ to sow the seeds Continue reading “Have You Spanked a Brat Today? New Spanking Propaganda Posters by The Cherry Red Report Graphic Design Lab”

The Latest F-M Creation from Kami Tora; And Cherry Red Spanko News Items

F/M art by famed artist Kami Tora.

It’s 2:30 a.m. and just got home from work. Zoinks.  Alas, spankos, what better way to unwind than sip some Johnny Walker, spin some vinyl blues records, perv over to some pulse-pounding spanko sites, and check out the latest, hot-off-the-press, cherry-red themed work from master illustrator Kami Tora.

But, I know it’s (gasp!) F-M and I usually don’t cover too much of that tushy territory, but, really, as long as it’s cherry red, it’s all good, you know? Watch for a detailed Cherry Red Report Q&A with the man, himself, the man behind the sizzling work of Kami Tora…

SPANKING 101: Tasha from BumRapProductions is publishing next month an E-book entitled Hot Crossed Buns: A Beginner’s Guide to Spanking. Stay tuned for an in-depth article on this most intriguing title. Tasha is generously giving away free digital copies of the book for a limited time. For those who want to be notified when the download link becomes available, shoot an email over to:

LILY ANNA: THE DVD: The fine folks at Punished Brats have released their latest DVD, the Lily Anna collection, which features seven butt-burning scenes with the spanktastic Lily Anna — and also features David Pierson, Ms. Susan, and Veronica Bound, who will be featured on this blog soon.

I HEART AMELIA JANE: Need an Amelia Jane Rutherford fix? Well, this blogger often does, and thusly finds that AJR Vol. 1 does the trick, especially as it has an intriguing interview with Amelia Jane — her accent will melt you, if her gorgeousness has not already. Recently returning from a globe-trotting fetish photo tour, she’s back in the UK, with more spank shoots lined up I am sure. [AJR was interviewed on this blog HERE.]

ASHLI ASHLI ASHLI: My fixation with anything related to brat of the year Ashli Orion: click Here for free gallery, whose divine posterior is pictured at right from the Spanked Call Girls site, well you see, my fixation thusly continues unabated into 2010. Thank you Clare Fonda. [Clare is also looking hot as heck in her latest spankee role on Sweeties, topped by pro spanko Steve Fuller.]

ANYONE INTO UNIFORMS?: There’s a nifty brand spankin’ new site recently launched called Spanked in Uniform which features detailed soap-opera style scenarios featuring nasty nurses, misbehaving schoolgirls, sassy stewardesses, and more; however, where the heck are the cheerleaders???? My sources tell me they are working post haste on some cheerleader unis scenes. Bring it on.

GETTING MY TWEET ON: The Cherry Red Report has joined the Twittersphere with my fellow twerps and twitterati on the micro-blogging Twitter site.  Lots of spankos on Twitter, so certainly check it out if you’d like. You can follow my thrilling tweets on Cherry Red Report’s Twitter page here.

THE MAJESTY OF GEORGIA GOLD: Was thinking somewhat randomly the other day that when I first saw this Shadow Lane schoolgirl spanking masterpiece, I believe I fainted? Shortness of breath was involved.  I remember ordering the VHS(!) tape, directed by spanking pioneer Eve Howard and Butch Simms, and watching it in my dorm when my roomie was in class. ShadowLane continues today in bringing so much class and creative flair to the spanko scene.

My favest scene is, can you believe it, the schoolgirl scenario. Simply fantastic dynamics between top-notch Top Nick Phoenix and squirming spankee Ms. Gold — those white nylon panties and the socks and umm….check it out, now playing at CherryRedMovies. The strikingly spankable Georgia Gold starred in several other ShadowLane classics, and other fav is the delightfully pervy Nurses Know Best,  featuring some hot spankings and temp-taking scenes with Alexis Payne and Chelsea Pfeiffer as the twin Tops.

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Spanko Art: When Nurses Get Punished

Kinda random bloggage, but found this luscious anime/manga-style illo floating about the Spankernets.  First thought it was a new Kami Tora, but alas, nope.  If anyone knows the artist and/or where this is from, please enlighten us. Thx! 🙂

[GOT TROUBLE?: In other news, talented author Loki Renard recently launched the aptly named Trouble Books, with an assortment of pulse-pounding, flaming fiction, including a nifty interactive “Choose Your Own (Spanking) Adventure.”  Perv over to the free samples and show Loki some love.]

Schoolgirl Georgia Gold gets spanked hard with hand and hairbrushShadow Lane vintage classic[GEORGIA, OH GEORGIA: ShadowLane recently uploaded today one of my all-time favest classic vids to CherryRedMovies.  Featuring the truly exquisite  nylon panty-clad squirming schoolgirl Georgia Gold, and also a divine Chelsea Pfeiffer, “Double Feature #1” is a VHS cassette tape(!) I remember ordering in my formative college years and was mesmerized.

Also check out other classic ShadowLane vids including the drippingly hot Tattletail and another fav: Bad Girls Get Spanked, both of which, fortunately feature lots of snug white bikini panties….yum yum.]

* * *

***Newly updated: Find out what’s playing now at CherryRedMovies: Easy, fun, discreet!***


Exclusive: The Spanking Art of Dave Wolfe

I promise that you have never seen this one before.

Drawn exclusively for The Cherry Red Report, this asstastic illo by the talented artist Dave Wolfe is a fine example of his whimsical style and humorous yet sexy take on the spanking scene. And blending spanking and daisy dukes is simply an award-winning combo platter of goodness. [Note to Self: Update the Daisy Dukes Report!]

Dave draws his popular and ongoing “Wolfie Toons” series for the top-notch romantic spanking fiction site, Discipline and Desire, which offers to members a plentiful potpourri of hot spank stories, art and heaps more. Do check out the Free Previews section.

Anyway, big thanks from The Cherry Red Report to the Wolfman for this wonderfully rendered comic illustration.

I think it is essential to enjoy this kink with a wink and a good dose of humor and fun (spanking REALLY is play, right?) and this artist clearly embraces that view with his kinky, pervy funny bone.

Have fun with your fetish, people! Besides, our fetish kicks other fetishes’ asses, but that is for a future post.

Looking at this illo, it is quite a pleasure seeing a naughty hottie clad in skin-hugging, bursting at the seams daisy dukes getting some butt percussion in the forest from a large wolf who is a serial spanko.

That is not something you see everyday.

And I do love the observant squirrel (whose large tail looks like it good do some tail tanning if called upon), and the highly umm…aroused…well…intrigued rabbit with his..errm….carrot.

CRR asked Dave the million dollar question.

Daisy Dukes. Talk to me. Do you share the love of all things dukes?

Yes!! I was in Puberty Overdrive as the 70’s began and Hot Pants hit the fashion scene! One of my very favorite late-50’s rock-n-roll tunes is the Royal Teens’ “Short Shorts.” I absolutely adore the opposite sex, in shorts, in pants, in dresses, in tight skirts, in swimsuits, in lingerie, and in nothing! Yep, I was well well set even before Catherine Bach showed up to put her lovely and enduring stamp on popular culture, bless her!”


[Want to see more? CRR featured another excellent Dave Wolfe illo in April 2007 in this post: No Running By The Pool.]

* * *

ADDENDUM: If you like Dave Wolfe, check out other fine artists such as:

And the biggest spank-art site I’ve ever seen:

The Spanking Artwork of JP

One of the finest illustrators of our little spanking kink/fetish — the work of French artist JP.

These whimsical, wonderful, erotic drawings by Jean-Philippe, who is from Belgium, utilize a universal language. The Cherry Red Report hopes to interview this artist for a future feature story.

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