The World of Tiny Miranda

Computer experts propose that there are anywhere between 55 million and 107 million blogs (could they be any more vague?), and they continue to sprout up like daisies.

Out of those, only a small percentage are related to our very special little proclivity, this whole ‘spanking’ thing.

One of the finest spanking blogs I’ve seen is actually a brand new blog simply called Tiny Miranda, focusing on Miranda and her girlfriend, Felicia (and their cat named “Bananas”), as they both boldly delve into the brave new world of spanking and discipline, and they are kind enough to share their innermost thoughts with all of us. They also have a small but apparently collection of implements Miranda charmingly called “Thingies,” ranging from a hairbrush to a riding crop.

The writing and tone sets this one way apart from most other spanking blogs.

“So, why do I like being spanked? I don’t know. It started as a silly girl’s thing way back when. When I met Felicia I found that we shared a lot of silly interests, such as horrible monsters, poor heroines imprisoned in dungeons, cruel and mean knights living in haunted castles and such things. Anyway, it was inevitable that our discussions should touch upon spankings. None of us had any experience of it, lucky us! I suppose it was because of that we found it so immensely exciting.”

While many otk blogs in the blogosphere (hm…shouldn’t that be Spankosphere?) are at times over-the-top, sometimes quite explicit and often written by seasoned veterans in the spanking scene, Tiny Miranda is coming from a completely different and fascinating angle.

The posts are wonderfully subtle. Polite. Understated. Immensely personal. Delightfully intriguing. Erotically charged.

Anyway, keep up the great blogging, Miranda (and Felicia), and Bananas the cat — you have a fan in me for sure.
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