Cassidy Lau: A Pictorial Tribute to a Brunette Stunner “Spanko Switch” Spanking Star

spanking star Cassidy Lau aka: Sassy Cassy
Cassidy Lau aka: Sassy Cassy

I believe relatively new-ish to the bun-blazing spanking scene but a life-long spanko, you most definitely want to check out the work of the gorgeous, self-described “spanko-switch” Cassidy Lau aka: Sassy Lassy.  She is equally at home as both a strict Top and a beautiful bottom.

According to her Twitter profile: “Some call me a naughty brat, others say a cruel sadist. Mom of the #BratPack.” (sounds scary!).

Cassidy is no doubt equally at home wielding a stingy hairbrush — as well as squirming over the knee, getting her perfect, apple-bottom tanned cherry red!

In fact, she won “Best Spankee Newcomer” in the SpankingBlogg awards for 2017 — congrats Cassidy!

Cassidy Lau spanking star
That bottom though. . . .omg.

Anyway, she has shot some scorching work with, for example, the excellent Triple A Spankings, along with the red-hot Momma Spankings getting tanned by Clare Fonda, and having Mr. Rob play her old-fashioned “Daddy” on Delco Video Productions.

I’m sure this is just the start of what will be an illustrious career in the scene, no doubt!

In fact, she is planing to attend the mega-spank party: the Lone Star Spanking Party, coming up in May in Houston, TX.  In addition, Cassidy also attended Shadow Lane’s party last year.

And please do check out an insightful, candid interview with Cassidy on the “Someone’s Gonna’ Get It” blog.

Enjoy more sample photos below:

spanking Sassy Cassy aka Cassidy Lau
Sassy Cassy as the naughty daughter gets a hot spanking from her strict parents, including Mr. Rob on Delco Video Productions.
spanking Cassidy Lau
“Momma” Clare Fonda is about to introduce her misbehaving daughter to the hairbrush, in this must-see film playing now on Momma Spankings. Enjoy a very delicious free preview gallery from this movie.


spanking Cassidy Lau
Bent over the knee and then given a hot spanking and steamy leather strapping on Triple A Spanking, this flaming-hot film includes lots of close-ups of Sassy Cassy’s stunningly bodacious bottom.  Check out more spanky pix from this wicked hawt film in this free preview gallery.


spanking star Cassidy Lau
Imagine being draped over that lap and punished by a most stern-looking, hairbrush-armed Cassidy Lau? I can’t even. . .

P.S.  A sharp reader alerted me that Cassidy also appeared in a hot scene as a naughty cheerleader on Sarah Gregory’s Cheerleader Spankings site–check out a free preview gallery!

P.S.S.  Sassy Cassy also has appeared as a naughty daughter getting a hard spanking and her mouth washed out with soap(!) — Cassy’s first ever mouth soaping — by her Mom–check out this sizzling preview gallery from Momma Spankings!

Blast from the Past! Inside the Mind of Amelia Jane Rutherford!

amelia jane rutherford spanked at firm hand

[Editor’s Note: This is a re-post of one of my fav posts, originally published in 2009.] Pictured above: a cherry-red themed graphical tribute I made for Amelia Jane a few years ago, based on a fav otk image from Firm Hand Spanking,

* * * *

Are you ever curious to know what is going on behind the scenes, and inside the mind, of one of the most famous, and prolific, spanking superstars of our time? Perhaps, the most famous since the heyday of Rosaleen Young?

Was that a rhetorical question? I think so. And if that model is the truly exquisite, cold-shower inducing British lass Amelia Jane Rutherford, armed with those legendary alabaster rear-end globes, I think you will certainly want to read this exclusive, splendidly spanktastic post.

AJR offers us the behind-the-scenes scoop on 7 spank pix somewhat randomly selected by The Cherry Red Report, including her first-ever(!) spanking photo shoot. By the way, I was simply gobsmacked by the impossible task of trying to select a few yummy images for this article, I mean, has AJR ever been in a bad pic?? My challenging research reveals the answer is a resounding “NO.”

Click on the jump for more hotness!———>
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Spanking Model Spotlight: Dorothy Burnett from Northern Spankings

dorothy burnett spanking modelWith her ever changing hair color, petite & tight perfect apple bottom and deliciously naughty behavior, Northern Spanking’s fan favorite Dorothy Burnett has become a must-see! Enjoy some tantalizing preview pix below, all courtesy of Northern Spankings — check out the site for Free video previews, and Instant Access! 🙂

Lots more pix after the jump 🙂 …..

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A Pictorial Tribute to Spanking Star Lola Marie

UK-based spanking and adult star Lola Marie is a stunner, and has shot for a deliciously wide array of purveyors of wickedly hawt spanking erotica.

spanking model Lola Marie
Exquisite imagery of Lola Marie courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.

So we here at CRR thought we’d blog up a bloggystle tribute…..Below is just a small yet cherryredtatic sampling of some of her bun-burning work.  You can follow Lola Marie on twitter and for more info, visit her Adult Work site.

lola marie spanking model
Beautiful.  Image courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.

Spanking pix after the jump——->

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8 Amazing Images You Need to See: Exquisite Red-Bottom Spanking Highlights featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford

Spanking Model Amelia Jane Rutherford
Spanking superstar Amelia Jane offers CRR the scoop on this fab image:   “This is from Spanking Sarah and it was a brilliant shoot.  Lovely thick cane (have finally discovered that’s my favourite type) and Sarah was in fine form being utterly beastly and unreasonable as a Top.  Brilliant!  I felt sorry for the poor teddy being dragged into it though, what did he do wrong?  And it was SO painful! the last thing we shot in a 2 day shoot, so I was sore before the caning even started.”

The legendary fetish model and spanking superstar Amelia Jane Rutherford has been featured in sooooo many top-notch spank action films and photo shoots — I thought I’d select some of her glowing hot highlights from the past year or so.  BTW, she’s also graced the pages of this site by guest-blogging for CRR: for example, check out her 2013 blog post: “Six Reasons NOT to Wear Panties” and surf over to a behind-the scenes style feature with more fab eye-candy imagery.

On a side note, you can now enjoy some of her classic bun-blazing work on Shadow Lane’s newly revamped website. And if you dig on-demand streaming videos, check out a few AJR vids playing now on CherryRedMovies — new users to this site can watch 10min for free.

Anyway, free to email me with your own Amelia Jane photo faves, or leave a comment below. Enjoy! 🙂

amelia jane rutherford spanking otk
Deliciously stern Momma Dana is displeased with her daughter, Sarah Gregory and their new British exchange student, Amelia, as both have been running about with no panties on! Blazing red ass ensues!  Amazing video from the pulse-pounding domestic discipline site Momma Spankings.   FYI:  Last summer, AJR provided this blog with her thoughts on this memorable shoot featuring more steamy photos.  

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Veronica Ricci is the Bombsauce: Top 10 Spanking Pix of 2013

veronica ricci playboy

Astride a custom motorcycle, former Penthouse Pet of the Year Veronica Ricci graces the pages of a classic Playboy feature.  Making the transition from magazine centerfold to spanking starlet, the unstoppable Veronica Ricci has made a seriously awesome impression on the spanko world over the past few years, both as a delicious Top and a delightfully sexy and expressive bottom.  So below are my 10 favest Veronica Ricci spanky highlights of the past year….Enjoy!

* * * *All of the sites mentioned below can be accessed via the multi-site, and better-valued, Clare Pass.  Yes!  ^_^

Veronica Ricci gets a spanking otk
Always expressive and gorgeous, Ricci is stunning in those pigtails.  Uh huh.  From a pulse-pounding, sexy-hawt vid from Spanked Call Girls.

Lots more spanky pix after the jump 🙂 —->
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Cherry Red Exclusive! Amelia Jane Rutherford on Momma Spankings; Not Wearing Panties; Red Hot Roleplay; And More

amelia jane rutherford
“WHERE are your panties, young lady?” Amelia Jane plays an exchange student staying with Momma Dana Specht and their naughty daughter Sarah Gregory on the pulse-pounding NEW and awesome domestic discipline site Momma Spankings….It’s not long before both get their hides tanned hard for wearing no panties under their dresses.  [Fyi: Dana has her own website Here.]

The legendary Amelia Jane Rutherford was featured recently on Sarah Gregory’s amazing and incredibly bun-blazing new flaming hot site called “Momma Spankings.” Anyway, we caught up with Amelia and asked her a few cherry-red related questions. . . .BTW, this site is also available via the better valued multi-site Sarah Gregory Pass.

ajr spank

You mentioned that shooting this latest sizzling scene with Sarah Gregory and “Momma” Dana for the new “Momma Spanking” website was your favest spanking scene in ages — can you discuss why you have such strong feelings for this cherry-cheeked shoot?

Oh gosh, it really was fantastic. We shot this on the very last day of the Texas All State Spanking Party, which had been an extraordinary experience for me in itself because I’d Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive! Amelia Jane Rutherford on Momma Spankings; Not Wearing Panties; Red Hot Roleplay; And More”

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