I Heart Amelia Jane Rutherford

We here at The Cherry Red Report have been remiss in regards to blogging about one of the world’s top spanking models: the intelligently naughty and strikingly beautiful Amelia Jane Rutherford. Be still! my beating heart….

A trained ballet dancer and standing about 6ft tall, Ms. Rutherford’s toned body, lean and long muscular legs, and perfectly stunning posterior are a spank-blogger’s dream. She is reactive and verbal and wonderful on camera.

She is of the British persuasion, and works with a variety of spanking companies both in the UK and stateside, most notably with Firm Hand Spanking, and also Bars and Stripes, Northern Spankings, et al.

In simply spanktastic news, she also recently started her own sharply-written and thoughtful blog , which can be found here. Let’s give her some blog love.

In a recent DVD development, one of her older Strictly English films is now being distributed by Shadow Lane, and the preview pix are [pictured on the left]…I’m running out of superlatives here….are terribly yummy and erotically delicious. Love the older spanker/younger bottom element, for one thing. Surf on over to Shadow Lane right here to check ’em out.

These older photos of Amelia Jane on the Spanking Vids web site (see more preview pix of Amelia Jane) certainly are masterworks of the ageless schoolgirl scenario, and the rarely-seen lap straddling position is errm..well…mm mm…how hot is that??! I don’t recall seeing this spanking position very often at all among all the spank erotica I have perused.

I say, more please like that. Your thoughts, dear readers ??

My goodness, and those snug red bikini panties. Masterful. I may join this site just to see this vid. I do that sometimes. Like buying a CD to hear just one brilliant song. The amazing song that is Amelia Jane Rutherford.

And below for your spanking viewing pleasure, another one of my favest pix. A more recent, and equally striking image, of Amelia Jane, courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking, which recently revamped its impressive site with a nifty tour and free preview vids. Those skin tight ballet pants……ooo. In addition, always nice to see a crisply-attired spanker, as well.

Addendum: Just had to add another pic!…….Another delicious image from the good folks at Northern Spankings:

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