Of Flaming Bottoms and Flying Hair

sarah gregory getting spanked by dana specht
Spanktastic recent image featuring the iron-handed Dana Specht punishing her naughty girl Sarah Gregory from the wicked steamy site Sarah Gregory Spanking.     Also, be sure to check out Sarah’s more domestic discipline focused Momma Spankings.

You know you are getting your message across, when a naughty spankette flings her head back while over your knee, and lovely tresses are captured by the camera, whipping wildly through the air, smouldering bottom bucking and glowing hotttt.  Here are a few of my favest examples, both new and old.

tara somerville firm hand spanking
Stunning new model Tara Somerville bucks and squirms in a recent, and gorgeous, image from Firm Hand Spanking.
dani jensen spankedsweeties
I made this tantalizing montage of one of my favest Spanked Sweeties models of all time: Dani Jensen, here pictured over Clare Fonda’s lap, auburn locks flying.  Gotta’ give Sweeties serious props as well for their extremely candid interviews with all of their models, who discuss their real-life spanking experiences.  Sweeties is also available via the Clare Pass.
sarah gregory getting a belt spanking
As “Momma” Dana watches from out of frame, a very strict Daddy gives naughty daughter Sarah Gregory one heck of a belt lickin’.   Check out a free gallery with more preview pix. Image is from  Sarah’s must-see Momma Spankings website.
This is a video screen-shot from the early days of the old-fashioned domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties, featuring Momma Clare Fonda spanking a beautiful model by the name of “Cherry.” How perfect is that?  You can get hooked up with Sweeties via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass, fyi.
lilly page punishedbrats
Look at those locks ! That is spankette Lilly Page from the always smouldering hawt Punished Brats website learning a very memorable bottom-burning lesson.
firmhandspanking samantha woodley kat st james
Here’s a great one of Kat St. James with Samantha Woodley flipping her lovely hair as her bottom gets lit up. From Firm Hand Spanking.
punishedbrats spanking
And here’s two more from PunishedBrats, who seem to specialize in this fantastic style of photography. Featured are Beverly Bacci, on the left, and Joelle Barros.



Alisa Verner spanking photo

Photography by Russian glamour and fetish photographer Alisa Verner.

This is one of the finest high-end “glamour” style otk photos I have seen.  Sensual.  Classy.  Elegant.

In addition to her luscious erotica imagery, her images of jean short-shorts are mind-numbingly hot, as you can see below.  You’ve prob. seen much of her work floating around the Interwebz.  Anyway, my spanky peeps, stay tuned for more intoxicating eye candy from Alisa in future posts.

*  *  *

—–>THIS JUST IN:  The Ludella Hahn interview will be happening for sure, so stay tuned–will be blogging it up shortly.  Hurrah! As you may know, Ludella debuted recently on SpankedSweeties.

Ludella Hahn gets a spanking
The beguiling Ludella Hahn has a date with the riding crop on SpankedSweeties.

[Sweeties is also available via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass.]