Spanking Videos of the Week

A few tasty and spanktastic video clips for your spanko viewing pleasure from CherryRedMovies. . .

First up we have the amazing Kym Wilde as a sassy hellcat cheerleader; the endlessly naughty Jessica; the amazing Niki Flynn; and adult film star Amber Michaels trying yet failing to apparently wriggle her gorgeous cherry red bottom right off of Ralph Marvell’s seasoned lap. Hope you enjoy the spanko goodness:

CherryRedMovies: First Ever Spanking Video of the Week !



Don’t you just love the unique sound of a wooden hairbrush over skin tighttttt jeans..hmm!

We are embarking on something new here at CRR world headquarters: a weekly post of some of my favest, hottest spanking video clips at CherryRedMovies, all of which can be viewed on-demand at your convenience–newbies can sign up for a 20min free trial of spanko hawtness. You know, hmm, I believe this is the first ever embedded video clip in this blog’s history.

*****Reader Feedback Requested: Fellow spankos, please let me know if you’d like to see more video clips on this blog on a regular basis ??

Here we have of course the unstoppable, always beautifully strict Chelsea Pfeiffer of Good Spanking fame with the stunning, appropriately named “Cherry” in scene 1 of the film Chelsea Spanks with “Cherry” getting her bodacious buns lovingly toasted.

Totally digging Cherry’s wonderfully skin tight jeans; absolutely perfect, snug pink bikini panties; the seasoned hand, brush and paddle of Chelsea in action; a perfect bottom that is deliciously, perfectly arched; and she has a cherry tattoo on her hip. What’s not to like? [And of course, Chelsea and Clare Fonda go at it in scene 2, but that’s for another post.]

Love how this clip has some naughty rubbing and playfulness and fun — personally, I’m not much into the harsh stuff, the blistered asses and all that, you see. Though Cherry’s apple bottom is certainly emblazoned with most delicious sexy shade of cherry redness at the end of the vid.

Another cherry red-flavored spanky vid featuring both Chelsea and Cherry is called “She Actually Spanks You?” — def. worth checkin’ out.


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