Kami Tora’s Birthday Spanking Art

Battling flu-like symptoms so gonna’ keep the blogging brief. :cry:

Here’s another new Kami Tora illo, which he created to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the massive art forum website AnimeOtk. And just look at those perfect white bikini panties, tight as a snare drum on that wriggly tushy, delightfully anticipating some much-needed butt percussion. Funny, I’m feeling better already! Thanks Kami !

[Those who really dig spanking artwork will want to cruise over to Veralsis Spanking Showcase, which offers members access to over 40,000 spanking illos.]

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Author Spotlight: Devlin O’Neil

Prolific spanking scribe Devlin O’Neil, featured at his site A Maid for All Seasons, has some serious, seasoned skills when it comes to steamy, sizzling, squirmy spanking fiction.

Historical Romances. Strict Uncles. Old-fashioned Police Officers. Futuristic Prison Fantasies. Devlin tackles all genres and scenarios with a terrific flair for the unusual and the erotic.

For starters, I highly recommend the hefty tome “A Maid For All Seasons, Part 1 and 2,” weighing in at over 500 pages, which can be purchased at Amazon.com and Borders. Just skimming will, ummm, well, certainly get your panties in a tangle. Several new volumes in this series have been released as well.

I’m also looking forward to checking out his short-story collections, one of which has the titillating title “Uncle Devlin’s Bedtime Stories.”

In addition, this multi-talented spankophile co-authors a “Spanking Advice” column, called “Ask The Spanking Mavens.”

Well, this blogger certainly has some reading to do.

Author Reesa Roberts: A New Era of Romance Fiction

These are not your Mom’s romance novels.

Chock full of steamy, stern spankings and romantic interludes, the site run by fiction writer Reesa Roberts, the M/F spanking fiction website Discipline and Desire, hopes to usher in a “new era of romance fiction.” The site offers a database of over 500(!) stories and e-books by a wide variety of authors.

Reesa was kind enough to spend a few moments with The Cherry Red Report, discussing fiction, romance, and, of course, spanking.

How and why you did you get into writing spanking fiction?

I’ve always been fascinated by spanking, and I’ve always written romance stories, but never realized there was a way to do both until about seven years ago when I found the online forums about domestic discipline. My first stories were entered into a writing contest, which I won three times in a row! After that, I decided that maybe I could actually market a story!

Can you give me basic background info on your spanking story website?

I write, edit and publish for Discipline and Desire, which has been in existence for over five years. We have over 30 regular writers, and that list is growing, as we offer free editing services and love to read new material. We have free stories on our website, and we have a member’s area that has over 1000 stories in the database. We are also an e-magazine that publishes 5 new stories every week for the low price of 9.95 a month, since 90% of the money goes to the authors who write the stories.

What kind of feedback do you get from your stories?

It’s usually very kind. I love getting positive feedback, and most of it comes from my blog, where I’ve published some of my older stories. Sometimes the website readers write in to let us know what they think, and that’s very cool, too. I really appreciate constructive criticism, as well, since that’s one of many good ways to improve your writing skills.

Am I overgeneralizing to say females are more into stories, and males are more visual ?

No, I think you’re right, generally speaking. There are always exceptions, of course, but since we publish mostly stories, as opposed to graphics, it’s true that our membership is about 75% female. I’ve corresponded with graphic spanking website owners, and their memberships are nearly 90% male.

What genre do you enjoy writing the most?

I love to write in any genre, but mostly prefer contemporary because it can be more realistic and less fantasy. Conversely, I prefer to read historical fiction.

In regards to mainstream romance novels, have there always been ‘startles,’ occasional spanking scenes, implied threats, etc.?

Sadly, some really classic spanking scenes in mainstream romances have now been removed with the newer editions. They think it’s politically correct to do that, but most readers think it’s a horrible thing to alter the original. Nowadays, though, the dominance of the male character is still evident in every new mainstream romance novel – it’s just portrayed in a more acceptable manner. The threats are more than implied – they’re still there, they’re just non-corporal.

Looks like you have some terrific Western-themed stories you have written. Why do Westerns lend themselves so well to erotic, romantic M/f spanking fiction?

The western cowboy will always be the epitome of an alpha male dominant character. It’s in his jeans (I mean, genes)…

It appears there are very, very few otk-focused books in the marketplace, so do you feel like you are filling a niche?

I’d like to believe that we’re starting a new era of romance fiction at Discipline and Desire. All of my vanilla romance-reading friends prefer the mainstream romance authors who do occasionally write a brief spanking episode. They just don’t know why they like those so much. What I find amusing is that currently, in-depth BDSM is much more acceptable in the marketplace than spanking. Sometimes I refer to our genre as “mild BDSM” and I’ll get a much more favorable response. Strange but true. I do expect to see some changes in that area in future, though.

Are all your stories romance and relationship-focused, or does your site offer any ageplay or roleplay themes?
We cater to an exclusive genre at
Discipline and Desire, and that is M/F romance. Sometimes their roles start as professor/student (of age), doctor/patient, though. We don’t delve into age play or family-related spankings, although we certainly encourage others to indulge in their interests, and there are plenty of sites out there for those genres. We’ve developed a carefully defined market base, and that’s who we cater to. Our readers get what they expect, and we try not to “surprise” them with something they didn’t sign up for. On the rare occasion that we do publish something noteworthy that might contain other themes, we put in a warning for those who aren’t into that.

Who are *your* favorite writers, either spanking-focused or generally speaking ?

I truly enjoy the works of Catherine Coulter and Kathleen Woodiwiss the most. Jane Feather’s early novels were great. And who could leave out Jude Devereaux, and Sharon Greene’s Warrior series. Sci-Fi would be Robert Heinlein, especially “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

Thank you so much Reesa for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report!

The World of the Woodshed

These images of Internet hottie Kari Sweets had me thinking: if a naughty little cowgirl like this is already inside a woodshed (Hm…I guess this is more of a barn…), how would one, as the phrase goes, ‘take her out to the woodshed’ if she needed (and I think she does) some serious behavior modification?

This is clearly a conundrum — inside of a paradox.

Unfortunately, at the headquarters off The Cherry Red Report, we don’t have the proverbial ‘woodshed’ nor even a barn. A sad state of affairs.

As Kari probably left the horses out and ignored all her chores, dagnabit, I would simply bend her over a hay bale for a good hide tanning with a worn, old belt, and/or drag her back to the house for a long spanking session over my lap.

Your thoughts?

And if Kari snuck out in short-shorts like these, she’d def. be sleeping on her tummy that night….

…or waiting on her tummy for Daddy to get home, resigned to her fate….

Spanking Caption Contest !! Pls Give It a Try!

A marvelous sepia-toned image from master illustrator Roger Benson.

What do you think is going on in this image? Have fun with it and write a few sentences, a caption and/or some dialogue for
The Cherry Red Report’s “Spanking Good Caption Contest.”

Let your imagination run wild — and have fun !! (Prize for best caption To Be Determined) 🙂

Don’t all post or email at once! OK, OK, I shall be the first to try:

“Harold, you clearly have been ignoring your responsibilities in keeping Gwendolyn in line, as she has been rude, misbehaving, fresh and pouty all week — and sneaking out last nite when she was grounded. Must I show you everything, Harold, when it comes to discipline? And Harold, will you please get rid of that odiferous pipe of yours, immediately! Goodness! Now then, perhaps a well-deserved dose of the hairbrush might do Gwendoyln some good on that sassy backside of hers.”

Mrs. Jennison twirled the antique hairbrush menacingly in her hand, as Gwendolyn blushed bright crimson, her exposed panties suddenly feeling too tight, too hot on her tingling bottom.

Harold sat back and said nothing, re-lighted his antique wooden pipe, licked his lips and watched the tableau about to unfold.

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