The Creator of SpankoLife: The CherryRed Q&A

It’s a spanko world. We just live in it.  Right?

So if you are a spanko, who needs FaceBook, Twitter or MySpace when there is SpankoLife?

In my two years of blogging, I believe that SpankoLife is certainly the most significant new spanko specific site to hit the Web. And the most insanely popular.

The brainchild of lifelong spanko and web genius Neil, the website SpankoLife is a rapidly growing social networking site for spankosexuals, a virtual playground & forum for spankos around the world.

You can message and chat. Join regional groups. Post pix, vids, even music files.

This site is no flash in the pan — on average, 1,500 people are joining SpankoLife every month(!).

SpankoLife founder Neil was kind enough to chat with The Cherry Red Report about the genesis, and the future, of SpankoLife.

[All SpankoLife promo buttons in this post created by The Cherry Red Report.  You are welcome to use them if you’d like.]

[On a side note, I will be announcing the Caption Contest winner soon, with the winner to receive a 1-month pass to Bad Tushy. Loving all the entries!] Also. . . . the unstoppable Clare Fonda is filming her annual schoolgirl red-ass fest today, entitled “Exclusive Education 4”–will keep you all posted when stills become available.  Though I’m bummed Alannah Rae was unable to film EE4 due to her travel schedule.

…….And do stay tuned for upcoming spanking video reviews on this blog from my sister site The Best Source for On-Demand, Pay-Per-Minute Spanking Goodness.  It’s discreet, easy and fun.


For starters, I  want to thank you for “friending” me on SpankoLife.

Your welcome! You were one of the first ones in the blogosphere I invited and it was great to see you sign up — I was happy to “friend” you.

Do you think spankos will someday take over the entire world?

Well here’s hoping! I am not sure we will ever take over the world but it is great to see spanking become more and more “normalized” in mainstream media and not always lumped in with S&M or made out as something only done by perverted old men.

So what inspired you to create SpankoLife?

I have been a member of the mainstream social networks like MySpace and Facebook almost since their inception and like most spankos tried to find others who shared my passion for spanking at those sites. But as anyone knows who belongs to those groups they Continue reading “The Creator of SpankoLife: The CherryRed Q&A”

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