Spreadeagle. And Strapped.

The dungeon just doesn’t do it for me. Dark and dreary. Depressing. Not erotic in my view.

I thought I was strictly an old-school, old-fashioned otk guy; however, something about the ritualistic nature of these images from Spanking Server does it for me.

Is this the underground lair of the secretly pervy school dean? Some kind of punishment camp? Or wait — a doctor’s office gone wild? The possibilities are endless.

Strapped, spreadeagle, everything exposed, with all the naughty bits on view, certainly adds an extra alluring nature to these images.

It’s ritualistic yet kinky. Sexy yet authoritarian. Erotic.

The mind wanders at the variations, the fantasies, the scenarios. I’m curious what readers think.

I never would have thought I’d find this as hot as I do.

I recall distinctly in high school fantasizing about a sorority punishing one of their own sisters by holding her down spreadeagle on a bed, clad in just her baby t-shirt and pink socks — tush quivering, arched over a pillow or two perhaps.

She’s not tied down, but held, restrained.

The sorority president approaches confidently to swat the impudent brat’s blushing globes.

Or a fraternity president being beckoned over to punish the miscreant, the entire sorority observing…..as he slowly snaps his belt off. . .

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