The Case of The Cold Bum


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“While I am astutely aware of the science behind current global warming trends, this is most certainly NOT what I had in mind in terms of adjusting and correcting the unacceptable and frigid temperature conditions in this office, Mr. Jensen.”


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Have you ever had any workplace ‘startles’? i.e. some kind of spanking reference at your job, a veiled reference to our naughty little kink?

Quite memorable when they occur. And rare. Almost dream-like in their intriguing occurrence, as if they never happened at all, as if they are merely long-held fantasies and imagination percolating and not reality.

Be that as it may, the above comic and dialogue with a co-worker (“Can you fix the heat? My bottom is freezing….”) is based on a real life ‘startle’ at my job a month or so ago–I was unfortunately dumbstruck as usual.

Sad, I know!

And just like the sorry guy in the comic, startled into silence, unable to fire back instantly with a witty comeback, sizzling spanko remark or regale her with my clever repartee. Or some kind of teasing reference. Well, it is my day-job, so one has to be careful, dare I say, politically correct?…..yet a cold bum? That’s just, well, asking for it.

I should have said something like……….errm………well…..what would you have said?

Any advice, fellow readers and spankos?

Certainly I wish I could have handled the situation just like in the sizzling workplace spanking photos from the steamy new update from Bad Tushy above — or this way, illustrated below, with the following cherry-red end-result (artist unfortunately unknown…pls enlighten me if you know the artist):

“Gee whiz Jim, this is one unusual way to boost my productivity at the office!”

[As always, comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.]


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