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Just received the final results via my highly scientific Twitter poll on real tears in spanko erotica.  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to leave a comment, thank you!

P.S.  Stay tuned for a very special & exclusive, enlightening feature on Clare Fonda.  I can’t even talk about it right now. 🙂  BTW she is currently starring in the excellent schoolgirl spank epic “EE12.” 

Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory?

After observing some naughty spankosexualized erotica the other day, the editorial team here at The Cherry Red Report started discussing the merits of schoolgirl uniforms in society.

Personally, I think school uniforms i.e. very short plaid skirts and snug tops, should be mandatory in all school systems throughout the entire world. This clearly should be implemented immediately, as perv….errm…I mean, as perfectly displayed by the sizzling Selena on the top left, the legendary Kari Sweets on the top right, and also below by the tartan-clad tart named Chloe:

What are your thoughts on this most crucial matter of attire? Feel free to participate in this scientifically designed poll:

I say bring on the tartan. Bring on the plaid. It brings some semblance of discipline and order to students while allowing Doms like this blogger (now you know why DOM actually stands for “Dirty Old Man”) to live out our innermost school brat fantasies.

Photo above kind courtesy of Girls Boarding School.

Thongs vs. Bikini Panties: The Debate Rages On!

In literary news, I finished at a breathless pace this past weekend the deliciously and squirmingly hot novel, ‘A Maid For All Seasons, Vol.1’ by the excellent, and prolific, Devlin O’Neill.

(All of his books, chock full of exquisite spankings, are available in The Cherry Red Report’s bookshop, powered by Amazon). Devlin was also featured recently in a CRR Author Spotlight.

One line by the caring but wonderfully old-fashioned Mr. Swayne, the main character in the book, caught my eye, when Mr. Swayne interestingly (and perhaps humorously) decried thong panties as an “abomination.”!

Interesting and strong words for a typically skimpy undergarment that usually ends up in a useless tangle of cotton around a naughty girl’s ankles….

So The Cherry Red Report asked writer Devlin O’Neill to elaborate on these thoughts, and to see if the writer’s views reflected those of his delightfully strict main character.

[In a recent scientifically-sanctioned CRR survey on choice of panties as related to spanking the votes ran the gamut from black silk bikinis to snug thongs to high-cut ‘boyshorts’ to white cotton panties, etc.]

After reading Devlin O’Neill’s comments, what are your thoughts on this fascinating debate, and Mr. O’Neill’s viewpoint? What kind of panties do you prefer for a spanking? or perhaps, for you Tops out there, what do you prefer to slowly peel down for a spanking?

***Pls leave a comment 🙂 don’t be shy.****


The Thong Panty

**An opinion by Devlin O’Neill**

Michael Swayne, in the ‘A Maid for All Seasons’ books, calls it ‘an abomination,’ because it ‘neither reveals nor conceals’ a girl’s bottom.

His friend Professor Travis forbids his Red Blossom College students to wear the garment, in preference to snug white cotton butt coveralls, and even Sgt. Cameron in ‘Corporal Idaho’ likens it, unfavorably, to a stripper’s G-string.

Prof. Travis’s sister Felicia is convinced that her brother hates that particular underwear because he can’t understand how a girl tolerates having a bit of elastic stretched along her rear cleft all day.

Yes, it’s popular. Yes, it covers the strategic naughty bits, and even allows for the use of hygienic appliances (thank you, Light Days with Wings for Thongs) and yes, it very nearly eliminates the dreaded VPL, visible panty line, under a girl’s tight trousers, shorts and skirts, although the top of the thong often appears to onlookers anyway, given the current placement of waistlines.

But my chief objection to this underwear, as voiced by the above-mentioned panoply of protagonists, is that although the girl’s cheeks are bared, the bottom is not, at least in its entirety, and that, to me as a spanking enthusiast, is unacceptable.

I too much relish the thrill of discovery, that moment of triumph when I uncover a girl’s bottom, make it wholly naked to my hand – but if I lift her skirt or skin down her jeans only to find a stringy, imbedded slip of elastic, the experience loses its zing, becomes anticlimactic.

She’s hiding something, something I don’t necessarily need to see to spank the naughtiness out of her, but still she is tacitly asking that I accept her almost nakedness, her almost defenselessness and submission, and proceed.

I cannot do that, for her sake and mine. So yes, I invariably peel down her last vestige of modesty, but that action hasn’t the investment, the involvement, that tingly twinge of absoluteness that the deliberate pushing down of white cotton panties, a pink satin bikini, a blue micro-fiber boy-short with ‘Spank Here’ printed in red provides.

Yes, I am pedantic about this issue – ask anyone, especially my pseudo-nieces.

Not that I don’t enjoy the sight of a fair pair of feminine buns in a thong bikini displayed on the beach, although I always imagine her comely behind encased in tight white knickers, well bended across my lap in preparation for the strict swats she so richly deserves for parading so brazenly in public.

Tease me, will you, with that wisp of floss in your adorable bottom crack? You incorrigible brat!


The above opinion is that of the author and his wholly owned protagonists. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

– Prof. O’Neill

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