A Strapping, Licking or Tanning?

I have always wondered what the difference is between, say, a strapping, a licking, a ‘hide’ tanning, or even a ‘hiding.’ A question of linguistics or spanking techniques? In my mind, I associate all these phrases with the South for some reason, and worn-out leather belts being slowly unbuckled.

Anyway, I posed the question to “Southern Angel,” today’s Cherry Red Report “Guest Blogger,” who writes about her otk adventures with her significant other, the ever loving but quite firm “JD,” on the excellent site A Southern Angel Finding Her Way — both of whom appear to have considerably more experience in these disciplinary affairs than this writer. Any readers’ feedback on this question are most welcome.

Thank you Southern Angel for taking the time to give us your thoughts:

“JD and I both really liked your question. Although I did grow up in the South, I am not all that familiar with Southern-style spankings since I was rarely spanked as a child (I was an angel, even back then). But, JD has spent considerable time fantasizing and reading stories regarding Southern-style spankings.

“After some discussion with JD, we think many of those terms are synonymous. JD considers a strapping to be a spanking administered with a strap specifically. A licking and a tanning could both be administered with a thin belt or a switch. A tanning could also be administered with a paddle (just my opinion, JD does not agree with me on this point). A hiding would usually be associated with a switch. JD also associates Southern-style spankings with woodsheds and especially likes the idea of a naughty girl being sent to cut her own switch.”

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