Vintage Beach Brat Butt Blistering

Excellent gem of a vintage, perfectly-positioned bottoms-up over-the-lap comic, from Charlton Comics, which was recently posted on Chicago Spanking Review, which has one of the best selections of vintage comix (with highly informative commentary) that I have seen.

I think it’s terribly exciting seeing a great illo, especially a vintage one, for the first time.

The drawing is quite sexualized and wonderfully rendered, with a look of shock (delight?) on the pigtail-wearing teen brat, whose perky behind, encased in delicious bottom-hugging yellow pants, could not be any more perfectly arched!

And the chiseled spanker looks like he’s no stranger to doling out the occasional cherry red spanking.

Here’s what the Chicago Review had to say about this intriguing illo:  [and please let me know your thoughts.  Feedback and comments are always welcome and encouraged.]

Here we have another spanking from a romance comic book, this time Teen-Age Love #57 (Jan. 1968). This one, like For Lovers Only #73 (in the comic gallery here ), was published by Charlton comics. Although not on the cover, this spanking also takes place on a beach, but is better-composed and more erotic – in fact, it fairly sizzles! The positioning is basically standard OTK, but the man is shirtless, there is marked submission in the girl’s pose (arm relaxed, no struggling, legs apart, bottom willingly thrust out), and the effect lines suggest she’s really feeling the sting! There’s little doubt that after this incident, she will belong to the young man completely.

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