Get Your Blog On: The Spank Statement

(“Get Your Blog On” is a periodic feature highlighting notable, often criminally underread, blogs in the spankosphere.)

The Spank Statement, lovingly and tirelessly written by Valdor, who is the Perez Hilton of the spanko set, is one of the funkiest, hippest celeb-obsessed blogs I’ve seen, laced with liberal doses of humor as well.

If you dig spanking in pop culture, cinema, celebrity tidbits, recent TV swats, literary spanking delights and lots more, this eclectic blog is for you. If there was a People Magazine or Entertainment Weekly for spankosexuals, Valdor would make a fine Editor-in-Chief.

Wonderfully designed, it’s a joy to read and peruse.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it, and leave some comments if you do.

The Cherry Red Report asked Valdor how he got into this whole spanko celeb gossip blog thing, and where and how he gets his ideas — and inspiration — for The Spank Statement:

“When I started The Spank Statement, I didn’t have any incoming links, and I thought the best way to build up a readership was to update regularly if possible.

Once I got onto a roll, I got more and more into it, and just kept going I guess. I constantly feel on the edge of having nothing left to write about, but then something crops up… that’s the beauty of our subject.

There’s no great secrets behind it, but I do use news feed-readers a lot. Not feeds related to spanking so much but general news, showbusiness and media websites.

They’re an incredibly time-efficient way of taking in a lot of information, and most evenings I scan my Bloglines feeds, and as often as not a potential story jumps out of the computer screen at me!

The rest is just further research, and then the hard work of actually writing it up (with a generous pinch of help from Doctor Google and his Amazing Image Collection!) It’s not rocket science, but you do have to really love spanking! That’s what motivates me really.”

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