The Latest From The Spanking Couple

The latest from Veronica and Dr. D, of the relatively new yet highly intriguing The Spanking Couple, certainly one of the most unique sites I have seen, which features a committed, loving caring couple (both very experienced, seasoned players within the spanking community) who live and embrace the scene in all its delightful variations 24/7 with passion, exuberance, eroticism and fun.

They live in a “real-time intimate committed domestic discipline relationship,” according to their site, which offers exclusive images, videos, stories, advice, articles, and more.

“We as a couple, are very excited about our site because we are doing something we believe in very deeply. This is something we have wanted to share with others for a long time. This project is truly a labor of love and hopefully will become a valuable resource to the spanking community.”

Their blog even features insightful, in-depth “Interviews with Influential Women in the Spanking Business,” which is a must-read (recent interviews have featured Pixie from PunishedBrats and Chelsea Pfeiffer of CPEntertainment fame, among others). And, to top it off, they have one heck of a nifty looking logo.

Veronica gives us the low-down on the latest bottoms-up update:

“For those of you who have been dying to see Veronica’s submissive side, buckle yourself in for this one. Veronica asks Dr.D for discipline as she knows he is mad about her forgetting to tell him about an important household issue. She brings him several straps and he takes her OTK for a long hard strapping. This is one we know you will all truly enjoy!”

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