Chloe Elise: A Cherry Red Tribute

Chloe Elise spanked over the knee
Chloe Elise retired? Say it ain’t so!  Absolutely love this photo and the voyeuristic peeking through the door perspective.   In this classic domestic film on Girl Spanks Girl, Lena Ramone plays Chloe’s old-fashioned Aunt.   Check out a preview gallery from this vid.
Clare Fonda spanks Chloe Elise
Mom is not too happy with her misbehaving daughter — Chloe gets a bare bottom bikini spanking from the legendary Clare Fonda in this classic domestic discipline vid from SpankedSweeties.   More pix from this shoot can be found here.  Sweeties is also avail via the Clare Pass.

Last year, the cherryredtastic spanking starlet Chloe Elise quietly retired from the spanking scene.

Why that is, is not known to this blogger.  Be that as it may, the following is a photographic tribute to Chloe, whose pouty look, wayard behavior, bratty ways and wonderful assets Continue reading “Chloe Elise: A Cherry Red Tribute”

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