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Imitrex is used to treat migraine headaches. Imitrex will only treat a headache that has already begun. It will not prevent headaches or reduce the number of attacks.

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sherlock holmes spanking art by nik zula

Sherlock Holmes-inspired asstastic artwork by the unstoppable Nik Zula, who was recently interviewed on this blog Here.  Thank you Nik!

And I shall certainly look forward to Mr. Zula illustrating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s other famed works, including “Tales of the Cherry Reddened League,” “The Case of the Five Paddles,” “An Evening in Bratislavia,” “The Case of the Disappearing Derriere,” “The Strange Tale of the Invisible Hairbrush,” and other legendary tales of mystery, intrigue — and toasted buns.

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Start a Spanking Blog

Hello fellow spankoids.  I’d like to today discusss some weighty issues of extreme spanktastic importance.

Blogging is not glamorous. Even blogging on this ‘lil fetish of ours can get wearisome. And tiresome.

So if you are thinking of starting a blog on spanking, please reconsider! and think again! and maybe decide, hey after reading Dave’s top 10 reasons not to start a spank blog as listed below, you may say, “hey, no way am I going to start a spank blog. No way!”

You stare aimlessly at an endlessly blinking cursor, trying to come up with some pervy, spanky topic that has not already been blogged on 157 times. Eyes bloodshot. Eyes blurry from looking at, for blog research purposes, too much gorgeous cherry-red spanked ass.

It’s a tough life, people.

But you are trying to get your blog on. And lemme’ tell ya, it’s not easy, so here is a helpful list to inspire you NOT to get your blog on:

“Top 10 Reasons NOT to Start a Spanking Blog” by Dave.

1. Keeping track of say, 10 or 15 butt percussion blogs is challenging. Keeping track of the remaining 8,414 8,415 tushy tanning websites, with new ones growing like Lindsey Lohan’s rap sheet, is impossible. You will approach the announcement on the blogs of the latest round of 42 new spanking blogs with a potent mixture of both horror and dread.

2. Sometimes you will forget to update your blog, because you forgot that you actually had a blog.  Hey, it happens. [This once happened to Amelia Jane Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons Not to Start a Spanking Blog”

Exquisite New Spanking Art by Chris Schmidt

Spanking art by Chris Schmidt

What up peeps. Well, I say, my pulse noticeably quickened when I first set eyes upon this absolutely gorgeous, exquisite illo by professional artist and freelance graphic designer Chris Schmidt.  Guy’s got skills, yo, both with mainstream graphics and comics as well.  I think this might be his first spanking-related illo.

Reader Participation Section: what are your thoughts on this artwork? Holla’ back.

Hmm, well I’d love to frame this one. It’s sexy, understated. Love the intriguing blue tones, her flowing hair, the subtle red hues of a blushing cabernet-colored bottom, large oval brush at the ready, beautifully rendered by Chris’ seasoned hand.

—-I asked Chris what inspired this particular cherry-red themed illo: “I’d like to say there was a specific reason I was inspired to draw this but the truth is it kind of just came to life by itself. Sometimes I like to just let the pencil take control.”

Let us hope this skilled artist plans some more burning bottom themed art in the future, as I think we all have an endless appetite for fresh, tasty, sizzling spanking artistry.

*  *  *  *

DAVE’S A BUSY SPANKO: Been a busy ‘lil spanko here at CRR world headquarters.  Got a bunch of thrilling features on global warming in the pipeline, including an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Real Spankings Institute, which really needs to offer me a job.  Do they have some absolutely stunning new models or what? [That is Erin below.] That tushy is hype, for real.

On Real Spankings Institute, the unstoppable Betty teaches Erin a much-needed lesson on behavioral issues and attitude adjustment.

*  *  *  *

SEXUELLE: Just wanted to give a quick blog shout-out. This top-notch blog written by published erotica author Elizabeth Forster, called “Sexuelle” is terribly intriguing and wonderfully written, with heaps of lovely eye candy. Perv on over.

*  *  *  *

CALL HIM THE CANE-IAC: The spanko implement maniac at Cane-iac has been quite busy in his shop this year, launching new items ranging from fearsome looking paddles and canes, to teddy bears that say “Bend Over” and “Spank Me” to all sorts of nifty spanko goods.

*  *  *  *

:arrow:***CherryRedMovies is updated just about daily my fellow spankos, for your viewing enjoyment.  It’s super fun and easy. Just pay-per-minute, watch what you wanna’ watch, whenever.  Nothing to join and no monthly fees.

NEW: I put a bunch of my favest tasty red ass screenshots from CRM here on this gallery page.

And you can give CherryRedMovies a whirl for FREE.

Yes, I’m in love with this screen-shot, from the fine film Finishing School Discipline. And, those white panties….umm…well… *faints*


The Man of Steel & Spanko News

Going through spanking art withdrawal symptoms once again, and artist Nik Zula, who was interviewed in the previous post, saves the day, by kindly sending me his latest delightful superhero eye candy:

Superman spanking Wonder Woman

Here we see a bun-toasted Wonder Woman, who I have had a serious crush on, armed with her magical lasso or rope.  BTW, I was wondering if you think of Wonder Woman more as a spanker? or spankee?  Any thoughts?

Hm…. Anyway, many thanks to Nik Zula. I know I’m a greedy spanko, but more please!

*  *  *

LOVE YOUR ASSETS: Stay tuned for a forthcoming behind-the-scenes feature article on this bottom blushing film entitled “Bare Assets” from the talented folk at Shadow Lane.  And check out their popular tush-tanning mega sampler Super Spanking Revue 3, now available on-demand, which features 33 highlights from recent vids, featuring 51 performers. Warning: May cause spanko sensory overload.

*  *  *

SPANKTASTIC SUMMER READING: Looking for some cherry-red themed summer reading material? Check out these intriguing e-books by Vivian, and published by Variant Books, regarding how to dole out a spanking. And how to get one. Click on this link HowToGetASpanking.

*  *  *

THY HAND IS FIRM: Shorty shorts, tight jeans, new models and more. The latest butt-blistering updates from Firm Hand continue to sizzle as always.

*  *  *

CAUSE FOR PAWS 2010: The amazing Amber Pixie Wells has announced her annual benefit and fundraiser for animal welfare: Cause for Paws. Check it out!

*  *  *

THE SPANKTASTIC SARAH GREGORY: Congrats to the lovely and talented Sarah Gregory, who has launched her own highly intriguing spanking site. Lots of yummyness there.

*  *  *

WHITE PANTIES ROCK MY WORLD: I was recently obsessing musing over Scene 2 in this ShadowLane film featuring Georgia Gold, and I think it is one of the greatest schoolgirl spankings ever filmed. Your thoughts? I’d definitely say, hmm, Top 5.

*  *  *

NEW SWEETIE ASS: BRYNN AND APRIL: Clare Fonda has a keen eye for the latest ass for spankings. Check out new spanked sweetie Brynn Tyler rocking those daisy dukes(!). Perv over here for the piccies.  And the exquisite April learns a lesson from Mom in these pix.  Love the cherry red panties.  As you may know, Clare also gets her spank on with naughty males wriggling over her lap on her relatively new Clare Spanks Men site, fyi.

*  *  *

**CHERRY RED MOVIES: Updated daily, fresh and tasty. Try it for free**

Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: The Red-Assed Artistry of Spanking Illustrator Nik Zula

It was with spanko senses tingling that I first stumbled upon the refreshingly fun and light-hearted, yet sexy, spanking artistry of Nik Zula.   Naturally, one just can’t get enough red-assed art, and to discover a fresh and tasty new artist is always a thrill.

His work evokes both the delightful innocence and inherent sexyness of the spanking fetish.  His work has that old-school vibe, that vintage look and retro feel.  And celebrities, superheroes, politicians and more are never safe from his sharp wit and even sharper pencil. . .

We thought we’d ask Nik a few questions on his scarlet-hued creations.

[Nik informed me he’s accepting commissions, so you can contact him through his profile page on the DeviantArt website [registration required.] Or hit me up via email and I can forward it to him.]

a dose of the belt from the boss; spanking art by Nik ZulaHow did you get into drawing spanking themes?

I have been interested in spanking since I was a child. I remember the emotion it caused me watching the spanking scenes in old movies and TV series being only a kid.

Also I remember being fascinated with some spanking sketches seen in old magazines…Today that emotion is lost, but I love the spanking theme, since I love drawing, I can’t avoid drawing spanking themes.

Your artwork is imbued with heapes of good humor and fun. Is that something you strive to achieve?

I can’t conceive spanking as a punishment. For me it is a funny and erotic game, and humor and fun is the character of game.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations ?

Ideas come from everywhere…I love silly comedy. Most of the situations come from conceiving a universe where these funny situations are possible and typical — thinking about the situations in real life that can end in a spanking cartoon in this parallel world…

Britney Spears gets a much-needed spankingI can not conceive real suffering in my cartoons… every character in my sketches knows that it’s for fun, and enjoys it.

Who do you think is the most spankable celebrity and why? [Editorial Note: That is Britney Spears facing the teacher’s paddle in a Nik Zula classic illo.]

Lots of them…maybe being a celebrity stirs our fantasy and makes her spankable…mmmm. I have seen “Iron Man 2″…and Scarlett Johansson is in the top five surely. And Jessica Biel!!!…and Jessica Alba,  Evangeline Lilly in “Lost.” And Eva Mendez…and Elizabeth Hurley, Natalie Portman…and…and…etc etc.

How long does it take to create a full-color drawing, from start to finish?

I’m rather erratic…but between five and ten hours for full color, and more if it’s something really special.

And finally, how long have you been drawing?

When I was a teenager I took a course of artistic drawing and painting, but seven years ago I began to draw in this humorous, erotic way and I love it…

Thank you for your time Nik, and keep up the wonderful cherry red spanking work!


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Special Guest Columnist Dallas: Top 10 Tips on Spanking, Discipline and General Cherry Reddening

Hi spankos. We are quite thrilled here, giddy actually, at Cherry Red HQ to feature today a guest column kindly written for this blog by the iron-handed, butt-blisterer to the stars and butt percussion specialist, Dallas, of Dallas Spanks Hard fame.

The man has the seasoned skills to transform squirming ivory bottoms into blazing and blushing burgundy shades of cherry redness, while understanding the complex psychology of the Top/spankee dynamic. In a nutshell, If you dig blistered rears and real tears, his spanking site is worth checking out for sure.

While we featured Dallas in a detailed interview last year [“Of Surfing, Singing and Spanking: A Q&A with Dallas,”] we thought it might be swell to get some of his “Top 10” tips on toasting an arched posterior to a glowing hue. So without further delay……

Top 10 Tips on Cherry Reddening a Posterior aka: Spanking Hard

By Dallas, from Dallas Spanks Hard

1) I have encountered this a lot: a woman is in desperate need of disciplinary spankings. She will need to get to a point where she loses all control and cries–but this level can’t seem to be achieved without the kind of spanking that could possibly result in damage or injury.

This is where the skill of a disciplinarian is very important. Too many would try so hard to achieve the level she seeks, that often signs of importance can and will be overlooked.

So if you are entrusted with this, it is not about you. You need to feel and understand every flinch, cry or shiver. Observation is the key to safe and sane discipline. The psychology of the spanking as well as an understanding of the disciplined (getting to know her/him first) is extremely important.

2) Understand skin and skin types. Recognize possible problems before the spanking starts. Ask questions such as: “Do you bruise easily?”  “Do you take vitamins?” These are a direct link to what implements should be chosen. There are some types of skin that bruise easily without warning.