Book Spotlight: 1950’s-era

Now this unquestionanbly looks like a good read, by the esteemed Dr Spankenstein or whatever his name is on the tattered cover. I”m sure he has a PhD in OTK, no doubt.

Found this image floating around cyberspace. Anyone who has more info, would love to hear it. I wonder if this would have been filed in the “Self-Help” section of bookstores way back then, or “Erotica.”

The Amazing World of EndArt

Combining a keen sense of humor and a sizzling, lovingly erotic take on all things spanking, the artist known as EndArt is one of the finest spanking illustrators, in my humble opinion.

Do check out his site for free gallery samples. One can join for a fee for full access to over 2,000 illustrations.
All I know is I hope an EndArt book is in the works! Now I shall let the imagery speak for itself. . .

Feverish, anyone ?

Feverish? or plain old hot-and-bothered?

Spankophiles of course have a predilection for taking temperatures in a most embarrassing position, with stinging, cherry red bottoms on display, lubricated thermometer hovering about a squirming, wriggling toasted tush.

Badtushy has some of the finest photos of such anal adventures that The Cherry Report has seen.

Book Spotlight: Fiona Locke’s "Over the Knee."

This popular spanking memoir by Fiona Locke [now in its second printing] perhaps may be the definitive book on our little kink — wonderfully written, intelligent, insightful, and erotic.

I must admit that I have skimmed the titillating passages (err…that would be the entire book!) but I have yet to do a regular, full-scale complete reading. So stay tuned for a complete review.

More info at the author’s website and the book is available through By the way, how wonderful is that book cover image? Word is that is Fiona on the cover.

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