Exclusive: Audrey Knight On Her New Website, Red Rears, Real Tears, Blistered Butts and Loving Discipline

The unstoppable, exquisite, and hard-spanking Audrey Knight, whom I’m secretly in love with (sshhhh!), is feverishly hard at work, toiling away on a brand new site, currently under construction, called Spanking360, which will be going live soon.

[You can also read more about the site on Audrey’s official blog Here.]

If sneak preview vids are any indication, this promising new venture will feature some of the hardest cherry-reddening, tushy-tannings on the Interwebs. And Audrey is, without a doubt, one of the most serious and seasoned butt-blazers in the biz.

We here at Cherry Red HQ caught up with Audrey recently to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on what‘s up and what’s new:

Thanks for taking the time to chat the the Cherry Red Report!

Hi Dave! Thanks for chatting with me.  I’m excited to be here!

How are you doing these days?


So what’s the lowdown on your forthcoming new site? and what talent will you be featuring? I think you had mentioned Pixie, for example…..?

Ooh! well, my site is in the final stages of preparation.  I already have more content in the can than my old sites had after a year of being open, and have wonderful models….I’ve done shoots with Amber Pixie Wells — she is a total sweetheart, smart and so much fun to spank.

And yes, of course,  Abigail Whittaker will be on the site.   I’ve also shot with Vanny Gonzales and Juno Albright, Krystina and Mila Rhyzhkov, and many new faces to the scene.  (Check out my model page here — it will be updated as I complete more shoots.)

How are you going to differentiate it from other spank sites?

Great question. That is something I thought about a lot in the planning stages.  It’s my hope to appeal to a wide variety of viewers – with lots of different roles for the actors, some real and some role-play.  Instead of limiting myself to a tiny niche, I hope to satisfy a broad spectrum of spankos by addressing the many facets of spanking.

It was my vision to present a site that offers a little — no, a lot! — of everything — that’s how I picked the name 360 – a whole world of spanking. I also plan to offer a social networking service, forum and chat rooms.  I want Continue reading “Exclusive: Audrey Knight On Her New Website, Red Rears, Real Tears, Blistered Butts and Loving Discipline”

Exclusive Interview: A Q&A with Abigail Whittaker

The editorial team here at CRR are truly delighted to finally feature spanking star and Zen master of bratting, Abigail Whittaker, in this exclusive interview, despite sending my initial interview query about 9 years ago. I’m a patient man.

But after perusing this post, I think you shall thusly agree the wait was worth it, as Abi is one of the funniest, most charming and witty, and delightfully bratty spankees to ever grace these cherry red pages. [Check out the aptly named SpankThatBrat for more info on Abi and her very good friend Audrey.]

But, wait, there is more. You’ll learn that Abigial is a serious, seasoned outdoor adventurer. And you will read about her hunting & fishing exploits; love of cooking wild game; her collection of animal skulls;  and on the discipline front, her “behavior deficiency” issues, plus info on a top-secret new spank site she is working on with Samantha Woodley, advice for potential spanking models, and so much more.

A true born spanko, Abi has shot with heaps of red-ass related companies ranging from Firm Hand to Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking to Clare Fonda and Girls Boarding School and more.

**CHERRY RED MOVIES SUGGESTION: Check out Abi as an incorrigible, and adorable, au pair in this Shadow Lane film entitled “Authority Figure,” in which she ends up with a cherry red posterior from the firm hand, butt-burning paddle and sizzling strap of “Mr. Brewster,” wonderfully played by Lance del Toro.

Abi is spanked and strapped hard, along with Kailee, by the ever stern Lance del Toro in this spanking classic, available instantly at CherryRedMovies. Try this pay-per-minute, on-demand site for free if you’d like, and it’s wicked easy, super discreet and fun.

The Chelsea Pfeiffer film “Chelsea Spanks” with Abi, and Amy Hunter, makes for spanktastic viewing for corporal punishment connoisseurs.  In addition, Abi is no stranger to discipline at the hands of Headmaster Tom at Girls Boarding School. Need a taste? This butt-blistering paddling video, a cherry-red flavored OTK hairbrush scene, and this posterior sizzling leather paddle-like strapping in the diaper position(!) video are must-see TV.

*  *  *

Thank you very much Abi for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report ! So umm what is it like being, to use your words, “behaviorally challenged” ?

Well, it’s a tough, tough life, Dave, having a behavior deficiency.  There’s not many who truly understand that I just can’t help it, that I was just born that way, and that I’m endlessly persecuted for it.  Spanked, paddled, strapped, caned…you name it.  Just look at Audrey’s videos! Sure…go on and watch my poor little ass get punished!  Everyone enjoys seeing that, even though it is GROSSLY undeserved!  Like I said….it’s a hard life (and I’m not sure I’d ever want to change it!)

Perched over Clare Fonda’s lap with panties peeled down to half-mast, bratty Abi gets a delightful dose of behavior modification on the Spanked Sweeties website.

I love how you say on your SpankoLife profile, that no matter how many spankings you get, you always end up bratting — in an “impish” sort of way.  I assume this will not be changing any time soon ?

Continue reading “Exclusive Interview: A Q&A with Abigail Whittaker”

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