Top Buns; And a Few Other News Items


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–In other news, the cherryred editorial department has been informed Part Deux of The Sleepover illustrated SpankRed3D series will be released very shortly, so stay tuned for that hotness.

–Check out 125 spanking ebooks and counting over at LSF Publications.

–Have you been to Sarah’s brand new Momma Spankings website? This domestic discipline site is a must-see.  This site is also available via the better-valued Sarah Gregory Pass.

momma spankings*  *  *

–My favest cherryredtastic Bun Beating Fun images I’ve seen in a while, featuring the amazing Brandy. . .

bun beating fun

*  *  *

–BTW, if you are seeking tons more spankin’ eye candy, point your browser to: CherryRedSpanking — heaps of pix there on this sister site that I created recently.


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–Love when the tables are turned! Chelsea Pfeiffer lights a fire on Sarah Gregory’s bodacious bottom on GoodSpanking, and then Sarah gets to paint the backporch of Chelsea as well! Always love to see the legendary Ms. Pfeiffer getting her comeuppance.

*  *  *

–In new model news, the always intriguing Spanked in Uniform welcomes the beguiling new spankee Adreena Winters, getting some hot and hard bun blistering punishment.

adreena winters

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