Two Bullies Get Strapped to Tears by Daddy

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The Daddy, played by no-nonsense Dominic King, gives his two misbehaving daughters a memorable lesson on PunishedBrats on why bullying is really, really bad.  Seriously bad. And you are damn right those schoolgirl panties get peeled down….Red tails and tears to follow.

“……Sisters Adriana Evans and Mandie Rae were happily regaling in a discussion of how the two of them terrorized the freshman girls that day. What they hadn’t counted on was that the school would contact their father about their exploits. Soon, the two bullies were bent over the couch, made to pull down their panties, and strapped to tears.”

punished brats

– – – – – – – >For more info and free video samples, surf on over to Punished Brats.

P.S.  A gorgeous behind-the scenes photo with all three players:

Dominic King certainly has one of the most amazing jobs on the planet over at Punished Brats…spanking beauties such as this! *envious* :–)

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Editors Picks

Adriana Evans: New Illustrated Fan Art by SpankingToons

adriana evans spanking

Gorgeous new pulse-poundingly hawt illo by artistic mastermind SpankingToons, depicting the popular fetish and spanking star, and Brazilian hottie, Adriana Evans, who has shot with Sarah Gregory, Triple A, Punished Brats, et al.  (On a side note, she’s played a cheerleader many times, so it’s kind of a bummer that she’s not in the multi-girl cheerleader spank fest “Cheerlader Camp.”

Anyway, please do enjoy out a free preview gallery from one of my favorite extremely hottt Adriana Evans photo-shoots, entitled “Foul Mouthed Au Pair.”  And here’s another one from this scorching series.

adriana evans*  *  *

And for those into the diaper fetish, here’s Adriana rockin’ a diaper. For those with a flair for BDSM-styles, enjoy a tasty gallery of Mistress Sarah disciplining naughty Ms. Evans.

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Adriana has a shot a ton for Punished Brats, ranging from age-play scenes to schoolgirl and cheerleader material and more cherryred goodness.  Below is just a taste.  Visit PunishedBrats for more info and Free video previews.

adriana evans spanking punishedbrats

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