What a Bunch of Bums

Hello fellow spankosexuals, Heya, haven’t posted any straight-up tushy in a long while. Just happened upon this asstastic image doing some errm…research, ummm, whatever, and had to share this sizzling photo. Gets the spanko senses tingling immediately, does it not? [More very fine tushy is at DaisyDukesReport, which I have not updated in about 7 years.]

These bottoms belong to four adult film superstars [tho I would never watch porno! except for research purposes!] — pictured here are Teagen Presley, Jesse Jane, Sophia Santi, and sadly can’t recall the fourth bottom. Anyone?

I’m currently in love with adult film pop-tart Micah Moore, but I think she went back to college, silly girl. Have fun googling that ass. I know, I’m a perv. I’m fully aware of that fact.:neutral:

* * *

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