Ass From the Past: Alannah Rae

alannah rae gets spankedThe amazing Alannah Rae and her bodacious buns certainly left an indelible impression on this spanko’s brain, when she first debuted on Spanked Sweeties back in the day.  The skin tight jeans Alannah was rocking certainly helped the cause.  BTW, you can also hooked up with Sweeties via the multi-site Clare Pass.

P.S.  The previous “Ass from the Past” feature, in case ya missed it, was the not-to-be-missed Dani Jensen, and the next animated gif feature will be Ashli Orion.  Stay tuned!

Clare Fonda Appreciation Week: My Top 10 Favest Spanked Sweeties Galleries

I hereby declare, by the spanko bloggystyle power vested in me [and my trusty assministrator], and in regards to the legendary Clare Fonda’s announcement of her retirement from the spanko scene in order to pursue other pervy activities, I thusly pronounce this week Clare Fonda Appreciation Week, to celebrate Clare’s epicness.

And so, you see, I thought I’d attempt to select my Top 10 favest galleries from her flagship spanking site, Spanked Sweeties – all featuring Clare punishing a wayward hottie, all in her own classic “Momma Clare” style.

This is an impossible task, to pick a Top 10, that is — but it sure is fun trying. Very well then, I say, simply click on the pic for the full preview gallery, and enjoy the cherry redness! These are listed in no particular order…

1. Ashli Orion

Clare Fonda spanks Ashli Orion over the knee

2. Alannah Rae

3. Chloe Elise

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Caption Contest Winner; Plus A Spankload of Cherry Red News

Lots of wicked cool and super fab entries were submitted in the latest cherry red caption contest, kindly sponsored by Clare Fonda. Thanks to all !

And the winner is “Imreadonly2” for the following caption, who wins a 1-month supply of SpankedSweeties. Congrats and stay tuned for the next contest!

Claire: “Ommmmmmmmmmm….”
Alanah: “I don’t care what the Dalai Lama says. These ‘Buddhist Meditation Spankings’ are for the birds.”

alannah rae and clare fonda on spankedsweeties*  *  *

And now it’s time for Cherry Red News……….

*  *  *

In spanko publishing news, there is a cool new “Spanking Handbook” that feature articles by an array of spanking enthusiasts and top-notch bloggers. You can read more about the e-Book in this write-up on Poppy St. Vincent’s blog.

*  *  *

Clover and Leandra cause some serious mischief over at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital on Spanked in Uniform. Blazing hotness ensues.

*  *  *

Several BadTushy spanky vids are now available at for instant on-demand viewing at CherryRedMovies, featuring some sizzling scenes with Ms. Fransesca Le, Ms. Law, and Continue reading “Caption Contest Winner; Plus A Spankload of Cherry Red News”

OMG It’s a Caption Contest! ! Enter to Win a 1-Month Pass to SpankedSweeties

What up spanky peeps and spankettes?  You see, it’s been wayyyy too long since the last Cherry Red Caption Contest, so please if you will observe below the photo of the unstoppable Clare Fonda and the highly spanktastic Alannah Rae….

Simply enter your suggested fun, silly, whimsical, goofy, whatever caption/dialogue in the comments section.  My illustrious editorial committee and assministrator will thusly choose a winner who shall forthwith receive a 1-month pass to Clare’s flagship website SpankedSweeties Have fun!

clare fonda spanking alannah rae on spankedsweeties

Caption contest kindly sponsored by and image courtesy of:

Spanked Sweeties Valentine’s Day Preview

“What the f–k? I really do NOT think these shorts are all THAT small. Can we negotiate a time-out instead?”

I heart this photo pictured above so much, I had to get my blog on. A luscious preview photo of a new pink short-shorts themed butt percussion video coming to Spanked Sweeties, also available via the Clare Fonda Pass, on Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day video features the asstastic, fresh-faced 19-year-old Alannah Rae, who was blogged about recently on The Cherry Red Report in this feature: The Alluring Alannah Rae Gets Spanked By Mom.

Btw, I think I’m in luv with Clare Fonda. So funny, so cool, so hot and hip and freakin’ hilarious — and to watch her in action on her sites, is a true pleasure indeed.

Clare is also a strong advocate of animal welfare, and has adopted 2 of the cutest Chihuahuas in the entire state of California, by the name of Maxxxi Fonda and Goblin [pictured at right.] Famous spankos seem to have the cutest pets.

“You are grounded, Alannah Rae, forever. And let me tell you, that is a long time.”

* * *

For you Alannah Rae fans, check her out her newest scene on Clare’s new Spanked Call Girls site. There’s also some sizzling strapping & butt paddling, mouth soaping and rectal temp taking with various models on this squirmy hot site.

* * *

The Alluring Alannah Rae Gets Spanked By Mom

With the conclusion of the “Cherry” awards, it’s time to move on and present some new bottoms on the block.

I also need some healing time right now, as I just came from the cinema having seen one of the worst movies I ever blew 11 bucks to painfully muddle through: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” featuring the brain-dead Keanu Reeves. This waste of celluloid makes “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” look like “Casablanca.”

Let’s move on! Introducing the newest eye candy at Spanked Sweeties – and available via the Clare Fonda Pass as well: Alannah Rae, whom Clare told CRR is “one of our best finds of the year.”

The research staff at The Cherry Red Report were truly mesmerized by the alluring Alannah Rae: this new spankee’s youth, charming beauty, girl-next-door innocence, and bodacious bottom. Spanked Sweeties is unique as well as it offers candid interviews with these models, and as you will hear in her interview, it turns out Ms. Rae is no stranger to a cherry red bottom.

This blogger has been impressed by the latest Alannah Rae Sweeties gallery that is a Mom–naughty teen daughter scene with those pink panties and painted-on jeans in a jumbled tangle at her ankles, bottom glowing brightly, the naughty bits exposed and tight ass squirming. File under: Yum.

Really am digging the pix mentioned above–domestic, maternal and erotic at the same time. That is my weakness. And you know, I love skin tight jeans just about as much as I love tiny daisy dukes. The kind of jeans you might need a crowbar to peel off.

Alannah Rae does not have the typical adult model “look.” Ms. Rae is just

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