Free Video Clip: Mommie Severest

mommie severest shadowlane spanking

In this heat-inducing Shadow Lane cherry-cheeked bun-blazer from 1994, “Mommie Severest,” Alexis Payne rescues two grown-up bad girls who are sorely in need of corrective guidance and behavior modification: cherry-red style. Below is a sample clip of the delicious Virginia Lewis.

P.S. And check out another previously posted awesome Virginia Lewis free video clip.

mommie severest

Cherry Red Spanking Galleries

What up my spanky peeps?  Below are fresh and new galleries of cherry-cheeked awesomeness — as well as a few links to other nuggets of cherryred goodness:

Top Buns; SpankRed3D; Shadow Lane

daisy dukes
Top buns, for sure. And amazing daisy duke jean shorts…File under: extremely spankable.

*  *  *

In the latest bun-blazing update from SpankRed3D, there is a dose of bondage, a scary looking riding crop and steaming hot red bottoms.


*  *  *

In other spanking news, Shadow Lane added an intriguing 1992 film entitled “Hard Discipline” to their collection of cherry-cheeked vids streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies, with this classic hour-long video starring a non-nonsense Alexis Payne punishing a deliciously misbehaving Kiri Kelly. [You can also check out tons more Alexis Payne fetish and spanking films.]

hard discipline shadow lane

——>Also check out Alexis Payne in the Shadow Lane classics Nurses Know Best and also Mommie Severest, to name a few of her fanny-flaming highlights.

A SpankLoad of Cherry Red Spanking News

What up my spanky peeps. And Happy Mother’s Day! Heaps of fresh and tasty and new cherryred-themed wicked hot spanky galleries, and other spanko news items and whatnot, for your viewing pleasure….Enjoy! 🙂

Source image courtesy of the red-ass art and illustration site SpankRed 3D.


Spanking Video of the Week: Tribute to Georgia Gold

Going into the way-back machine, I remember discreetly buying this vid via mail-order from ShadowLane on VHS(!) and, to this day, the scene featuring Georgia Gold, and spanker Nick Phoenix, is one of the yummiest vids I have ever seen, from the film Double Feature #1 — deliciously firm with that electrifying undercurrent of wicked hawtness. Georgia’s stunning bottom, framed by those snug white panties…*sighs*….Directed by the legendary Eve Howard and Butch Simms, and playing now at CherryRedMovies. [Also check out Shadow Lane’s latest 90-minute compilation video spankfest, featuring 21 gorgeous spankees.]

Almost forget, here’s another Georgia Gold classic, featuring both Cheslea Pfeiffer and Alexis Payne as sadistic rehab nurses who try to cure their incorrigible charge the old-fashioned way, in the must-see Nurses Know Best.

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