Battle of the Hair Flippers: Cadence vs. Allison!

Who would you vote for to win this hair flipping battle? as Cadence [more Cadence pix here] and her blonde locks go flying over Joelle’s knee, in a recent Punished Brats photo.

And on the right, Allison Miller’s trademark fire-engine red tresses soar through the air with remarkable ease, courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking.

[More hair flipping style classic pix can be found Here.]

Speaking of PunishedBrats, thing are really heating up, and in addition, they are switching to higher-def video formats. YES!

Here are a few smouldering punishment pix from recent updates: 🙂

Spanking photos from PunishedBrats.comSome recent wicked hawt Punished Brats highlights including Amber Pixie Wells spanking hard, at top left; and Michael Valentine tanning deMandie Rae and Joelle Barros, pictured at bottom right.

PunishedBrats spanking videos

Sizzling Spanking Updates Featuring Piper; Pandora; Porcelain; Joelle; Amelia; Samantha and More Cherry Red Hotness

So many wayward naughties.  So little time to create those 50 shades of cherry red. So let’s get right to the fresh and new red-bottomed goodness.

Over at RealSpankings, new spankee Roxie says “School? Whatever!” and ditches class resulting in an outdoor belt lickin’.  The RS folks seem to specialize in spanktastic outdoor ass blazing action.

Roxie gets the belt at RealSpankings
“What if someone is watching?  THWACK!  Owieee!”  Photo credit: RealSpankings

*  *  *

Misbehaving cutie Piper gets a good seeing to by her no nonsense, traditionally minded tennis coach Veronica, in a sizzler from PunishedBrats.

Veronica spanks Piper on PunishedBrats
What a view.  A glorious camera angle.  Photo courtesy of PunishedBrats.

*  *  *

Samantha Woodley looks exquisite as always on Firm Hand Spanking, here squirming deliciously, jeans in a lovely tangle, over the lap of baby-faced but hard-spanking Kyle Johnson.

samantha woodley spanked hard on firmhandspanking
Keep that bottom arched, young lady!  Photo courtesy of Firm Hand.

*  *  *

A model wonderfully named “Porcelain Ass” makes her Spanked Sweeties debut, Continue reading “Sizzling Spanking Updates Featuring Piper; Pandora; Porcelain; Joelle; Amelia; Samantha and More Cherry Red Hotness”

Words of Wisdom from Poppy St. Vincent; And CherryRed News

There is a great deal about life, love and spanking that I’m constantly learning from the amazing writer and spanking blogger Poppy St. Vincent.

[In case you missed it, check out her fabtastic cherry red guest blog post from over the summer.] Poppy’s diminutive tweets on Twitter are often poetic nuggets of sage advice, wisdom and learning on various cherry red topics, such as the tweet above, that I thought would look cool framed up in a “vintage” comic.

I do think lines such as these are meant to confuse and, perhaps, even momentarily stun Tops unprepared for such twisted logic. . . . Your thoughts? 🙂

*  *  *

Coming soon on the Cherry Red Report: Dave attempts to pick his all-time favest pix in history of the exquisite Alison Miller, of Firm Hand Spanking fame. Good luck with that.

Shadow Lane’s mega-compilation, No If’s, Ands–Just Butts, continues to be one of the most popular spanking films over at CherryRedMovies, and for good reason: 22 bottoms. 90 minutes. 1 video. Perv on over and give it a view:

In other cherry hot news, after 2 years of feverish website design work, Amateur Spankings has re-launched their spanking site with a fresh and tasty new look that is easier to navigate in order to enjoy the cherry red goodness. Click below to check it out:

Bun Beating Fun debuts their latest model, Claire, who gets a serious bun toasting and ends up with some real tears and a crimson posterior:

Bun toating for Claire's buns.

Beautiful new spanking model Amaya recently debuted on Punished Brats, pictured below in a glorious pic on the receiving end of Veronica’s hairbrush:

Veronica's hairbrush does its work on Amaya's beautiful bottom.

This just in from Clare Fonda: Real-life spanking enthusiast Kisa Corvin debuts on Spanked Sweeties, tells her story and acts out some real-life tushy-tanning experiences. Also from Clare Fonda, Veronica Ricci dons her birthday suit on Spanked Call Girls.

Kisa Corvin debuts on Sweeties, and learns a lesson from Clare Fonda's seasoned hand.

Firm Hand announces yet another new yummy model, the delightful Kelly Morgan who takes her first ever spanking from Mr. Grey. Click here for a sample video and free piccies.

Playing a naughty intern, Kelly Morgan gets her first ever spanking on Firm Hand Spanking

Have you met the striking Danielle Hunt on Spanked in Uniform? Please perv on over….uh huh….

Danielle Hunt gets a good tanning, as a mischevious police cadet.

Over at Good Spanking, Chelsea Pfeiffer continues to keep tushies smoldering hot, with so many amazing models, I have lost count….Hmm…love this pic below, of Sophie Nova’s perfect bottom, as Chelsea approvingly admires her handiwork:

English Spankers features one of the best short-shorts pic sets I’ve seen in a while, with “Scarlot” and her flaming fanny on the receiving end of a good spanking.

Shorts-shorts perfection.

*    *   *   *

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Editors Picks

RoboSpank Paddle Punishment

Wicked cool robotic paddling art by Andy, a self-taught illustrator who specializes in “cheescake and bondage art.” [Anyone up for suggesting a creative caption?]

[Hm…I’m suddenly in a paddle-poppin’ mood!] 🙂 The spankos over at Firm Hand know a thing or two about wielding a very large cherry reddening paddle, as they feature this stout implement quite often:

Above sassy lass Annabelle Vanderwood learns the hard way. And the legendary Samantha Woodley of course…

[Check out a sizzling Samantha vid, though no paddling, called “An Exemplary Student” and there’s a great paddling scene with Samantha in Shadow Lane’s “Sting Operation.”

And fiery redhead Alison Miller pictured below gets her skin tightttt jeans cherry reddened on Firm Hand Spanking….

[Read an interview with Alison Miller.]

“You are going to count these swats, young lady…..”

Those who dig the board of education might enjoy the RealSpankings film Best of the Paddle, Vol. 2., featuring seven butt-blazing scenes, as well as their sizzling film School Swats.

In more paddle happy news, the tireless master craftsperson and woodsmith Kitty from Kitty’s Exotic Paddles, who makes some of the finest paddles on the planet, that are works of art, really, is periodically unveiling pro-shot promo banners, featuring various beautiful models. My favest of the current batch is below. Tighttt jeans + awesome paddle = Win.

[Check out an interview with Kitty.]

New spanko starlet Shay Golden was recently punished good and hard on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties, and received a dose of the wooden paddle….check out more free pix here.

The legendary Amber Pixie Wells recently got punished with a nasty looking paddle on PunishedBrats. Yikes.

*   *   *   *

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Brat Zombies: Coming Soon To a Theatre Near You

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone! And thanks for all the awesome comments in the previous caption contest [set a new comment record…woot!]–a winner shall hereby be announced post haste.

Above is a movie poster by the Cherry Red Graphic Design Squad, as what I really want to do is direct spanky films and summer is a great time for thriller/horror blockbusters. Errm so who wants to star in “Night of the Living Brats” ? Anyone? Gonna’ need quite a large cast of bratty undead zombies. . . .

Source Photo: The source image for the movie poster above is a screenshot I captured from CherryRedMovies, which was taken from the steamy spanko film Finishing School Discipline. [Another screen grab I’m in love with from the film is directly above.]

Perv over to especially scenes 4, 5 and 6, which are must-see viewing. One of the yummiest spankees I have seen in recent memory****

*  *  *

Addendum: If there ever is an actual outbreak of brat zombies from hell, below is a mock-up of a survival kit I’m working on in my lab. While your chance of surviving an outbreak might be slim, I think this might boost your chances of making it out alive. [I also created last year a Spanking Threat Level Advisory system, which I think will be useful as well.]

*  *  *

IN OTHER NEWS: To celebrate their 1,000th video, longtime producer Firm Hand Spanking has hired 6 new gorgeous spankee’s. Holla’ ! Click below for lots of free preview vids.

Though my favorite recent update from Firm Hand is the Alison Miller scene in which she’s clad in mouth-watering skin tightttt denim jeans gettin’ the paddle. Makes me dizzy…..Click Here for a recent interview with the amazing Ms. Miller.]

alison miller paddled in skin tight jeans

CRR Exclusive Interview: The Amazing Alison Miller

I am smitten.  Let me preface this latest CRR exclusive, by saying I am smitten with fetish and spanking model Alison Miller, of Firm Hand Spanking fame, and her glorious flaming red locks.  And in addition to Firm Hand, she also works as a professional sub at The Dominion in LA.

[…..Never thought I had a fetish for redheads, but perhaps I indeed do, and often see the world thru cherry-red colored glasses.  For more redness, check out Chelsea Pfeiffer’s hot tanning of two redhead stunners in the mouth-watering scenes 3 and 4 of this Chelsea Spanks film.  In addition, the adorable Annabelle Lee is another reddish-haired miscreant that comes to mind.  And of course, there is the stunning Amber.]

Anyway, not only does Alison love and crave a sizzling cherry red and burning backside, but she is a hip-hop dancer and also studies mixed martial arts(!). And like this blogger, she also does not yet own an iPod.  And Alison uses phrases such as “Oh my Goshness!”

Could this be my soulmate, I asketh of thee ?

What’s more to like? Oh, well you have the show-stopping flaming red hair…..the perfect posterior and perfect pout. But wait, there’s more. . . .

But do read on, fellow spankos, and you will learn more flippin’ sweet factoids about this Firm Hand Spanking spanking super-starlet……and I am confident you shall be smitten as well.

[READER INPUT SECTION: I’m sure there are some questions you’d like me to ask Alison Miller that we were not able to get to in this Q&A: feel free to submit your questions, via the comment box or shoot me an email, for possibly a Part 2 in the near future. And as always, your feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated. Thank you!]

* * *

Heya Alison, Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report! So how are you doing these days?

I am fantastic! Thank you for asking.  I am just livin’ life, going to some parties (you might see me out and about in LA at fetish balls), etc.

I also work at a dungeon in LA called The Dominion where I can get spanked and get my fetishy side out everyday.  So if anyone would like to see me in person, please check it out and read my bio.  I start switching as of February 21, so if you would like to BE spanked by me, I could accommodate you.

I’m also hoping for  a vacation soon lol. *wishes*

As you seem to shoot quite a bit with Firm Hand, may I ask, are you sitting on a pillow right now ?

Haha, well I can tell you, that after a week and a half of shooting with them, I definitely could use a pillow to sit on for a week afterwards.  What I do for the viewers.  Nah, but I love it too, I feel like something is missing if I’m not being spanked.

I must say I am truly transfixed by your gorgeous flaming red hair, as seen in some Firm Hand spank pix where your hair is captured beautifully soaring through the air, in mid-flight, so to speak.

Why thank you 🙂  I turned it this color about a year an a half ago, maybe longer.  And since I’m Irish it goes with my complexion and I can pull it off.  I tried a more natural color for awhile (as you can see in my current work coming out on the site) and I missed the flaming red sooooo much.  I was back to my fiery self with in a couple months 🙂  Which reminds me, its about time to dye it again…..

Can you give me some background on the origin of your auburn tresses?

Well I was in New York (it’s actually a long story full of partying, long nights, sleeping all day, and a crazy old guy. But too long of story for now)…..  Annyyywwwaaayys, my friend who brought me up paid to get my hair done.

On one side of my head, there were black and white streaks.  On the other side, there were black and flame red streaks. When I took a shower, it blended together in the back. It looked amazing.  To maintain the hair, I just put red over everything and since I am a natural blonde, my hair takes the color so well.

So lovely. What shade of red would you say it is? might it be, say, cherry red?

Continue reading “CRR Exclusive Interview: The Amazing Alison Miller”

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