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(Periodic re-blogging of some our favest posts ‘n’ pix, originally posted in 2012.)

Debbie spanked otk
My house. My rules!   Screen-shot from the film “American Spanking Classics #1” starring the highly spankable Debbie.  One of my favest images.

What up spanky peeps. Recently engaged in some important cinematic research over at CherryRedMovies, engaging in a frame-by-frame ass analysis of this “vintage” domestic discipline film starring the legendary spanking star “Debbie” entitled “American Spanking Classics, #1.”

Anyway, just absolutely love this angle, this image, the expressions on the screen-shot above. I did alter the hue and tone to make it a bit more dramatic, cherryredtastically speaking.

—–.[If you dig this theme, check out the vid My Naughty Daughter with Chloe Elise.]

This film was part of a “Classics” series by Cal Star comprising over 20 films.

Here’s another screen-shot I completely dig…..panties being tugged down, and getting hauled over the knee. Perfect panties and pigtails. . .

GET that backside over my lap, this instant. I’ve had it. “But Mom!!!” Screen-shot taken from “American Spanking Classics, #1.”

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