Holiday Spanking Art by Cc

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and happy holiday, surrounded by food, family and insanely annoying relatives.  Oh the joy!

The excellent spanko artist known as “Cc” just released today this sizzling and naughty holiday-themed illo.  The speech bubble says: “Well from back here I can tell you really are liking all your new Christmas presents….Now which one to play with next?”

Well, I’m loving that pile of toys.  Looks like some spanktastic items in there. Hm…..Which one would you play with next, fellow spankos? 🙂

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Viva Le Fesse: French Spanking Art

Oh my should I get this one framed?

Exquisite artwork that certainly belongs in a museum or fine spanko art gallery, by the French painter and illustrator with quite a lengthy, euphonious appellation: Louis-André Berthommé-Saint-André (1905-1977).  In other words: Viva le fesse!

I recently saw this lovely eye candy on the fine French blog, Au Fil des Jours…Au Gre du Tempsa frequently updated and eclectic blog journal of spank culture and art.

Your thoughts on this art, my friends??

And what is your favorite spanking illustration of all-time and why?? Inquiring bloggers wish to know.

And you can find this artwork, along with a countless more illos from all eras and artists, on the massive Veralsis Spanking Showcaseyou can’t go wrong with 33,269(!!) illos, and counting over at Veralsis. Believe that’s the largest repository of cherry red and spanktastic graphics on the Web.

Anyway, in my humble opinion, I’d have to say this is one of the finest spanking illos I have seen, maybe in the top-10 perhaps. It’s so lushly rendered and delightfully erotic.

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One more thing: If you have the time, do check out the “Global Blogs” link list section on the right sidebar–there are heaps of fine non-English spanking blogs that are a blast to peruse, and often feature wonderful material and pix and whatnot.  Leave some comments and tell ’em CRR sent ya.:smile:

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