Spank, Kiss, Lick: Hottest Slumber Party I’ve Seen

erotic slumber partyWhat’s up my spanky peeps.  So I was conducting, for research purposes, a frame-by-frame ass-analysis, you see, of the deliciously scorching “Erotic Slumber Party” film, playing now at Girl Spanks Girl. 

This site has been on a roll, with recent releases as the annual cherry-cheeked schoolgirl epic Exclusive Education, and of course, the must-see Governess Rules, and the Governess Returns series, and an erotic schoolgirl vid.  Anyway,  I digress, but I thusly arrived at two conclusions on this erotic slumber party:

a) There needs to be more slumber parties, in general; and b) this is one of the most wickedly hot and erotically amazing F-F spank vids I’ve seen.  This sleepover party rocks!  This video is also available via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass.

clare fonda spanking passRicci smolders on-camera, as does Ms. Graham.  And I mean smolders.  And simmers.  And Sizzles.

Uh huh…..Yes….In this screen-shot from the video, you can see Veronica Ricci’s seasoned hands, and eventually her tongue, know exactly what to do. . . .as Ashley Graham bucks and writhes.  .  .and her tight bottom gets cherry red.

Red ass ensues, and unusual, and sexy-hott, spanking positions are displayed.  In addition, probing fingers and tantalizing tongues do their thing……..and Ricci takes over on that end of the spectrum…[And do check out Veronica Ricci, who stars with Jenna Rose, in the latest update on Sweeties–check out a free preview gallery.]

eroticspank2What starts out as an innocent pillow fight turns into X-rated cherryredtastic-ness in this slumber party.  This film is def. a must-see.  Great job on this vid!!

collage erotic slumber partyThere’s a real dynamic between Veronica and Ashley that can not be denied on this Girl Spanks Girl video…and that’s a joy to behold.

veronica ricci spanking

To watch this film instantly, and tons more spank action, visit Girl Spanks Girl.

girl spanks 2010

———>Also accessible via the better-valued Clare Pass<———

clare fonda spanking pass

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