Batman spanks Batgirl

Exquisite artwork by the unstoppable artist “Mr. Jer.”  The world needs superheroes. More than ever. . . .

COMING SOON: A titillating tribute to Samantha Woodley; a flaming hot feature on spankee starlet Christy Cutie; cherry red exclusive interview with one of the stars of EE7;  don’t forget to check out the newest Sweetie by the name of Ginger: also forthcoming soon shall be a wicked cool guest column from a special contributor who stars on the Dreams of Spanking site; winner of the Triple A caption contest to be announced shortly; a tribute to “Bare Bottom Memories” shall be posted soon; and heaps more cherry hot goodness in the works….

BTW, have you met the latest cherry red editorial intern, Catie ?

……Because life is better when it’s cherry red.

Spiderman and the Joker

Two spanktastic new superhero illos by “Mr. Jer.”  In other cherry red editorial news, I’m working on, hopefully, arranging an interview with the internationally published pin-up/fetish [and now spanking] model Ludella Hahn.  Stay tuned.  And don’t forget to check out the spring line of CherryRedWear.


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