Blazing Butts, Batman-Style; Plus Cherry Red News

batman spanking over hs knee

Looks like a spanko took the original panel drawn by Win Mortimer in 1966, included below, and had some cherry red fun with it. [If you dig vintage spanko comix, check out this cool bloggystyle post featuring the Top 10 Greatest Spanky Scenes in Mainstream Comix.]

batman spanking vintage comic

*  *  *

On the excellent red-ass archive known as GoodSpankingClassics, the traditionally minded Ms. Sinclair receives in the classroom suggestion box a quite rude suggestion from one of her sassy students named Dorian, who no doubt slept on her tummy that nite…

*  *  *

Hot off the press: Lots of yummy pajama spankin’ action over at Triple A Spanking in this beautiful gallery featuring the amazing Kami Robertson.

Kami Roberston spanked in PJ's*  *  *

If you have not taken a look at the spanktastic girl-next-door Tracie over at Spanked Sweeties, it’s def worth perving over and she is highly spankable and certainly cherry red delicious.

Clare Fonda's flagship spanking site is*  *  *

On the Twitter front thought I’d try something new, trying to pick out, among the countless number of spanko tweet peeps, my favorite “Cherry Red Tweet ‘o The Week.” Continue reading “Blazing Butts, Batman-Style; Plus Cherry Red News”

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