I’m Making my Own GIFs Now — PunishedBrats Edition!

punished bratsHmm mmm.  I love the exposure.  The redness.  The eroticism.

So I’m in a GIF-making mood, also in a blog re-design mood, check out CherryRedSpanking.com.  Anyway, these animated gifs are cherryred style, my spanky peeps.  I could watch this all day.  Look at that cherry red hued bottom bounce deliciously, as Joelle Barros lights that gorgeous backside piping hot, from a recent Must-See update from Punished Brats. (I have to make these digital gifs small, as they are very large file sizes). 


Here we have the stunning Joelle Barros tending the misbehaving issues of the tantalizing Bianca Rose.  Uh huh.  I can’t even….This is an extremely erotic scene.

Joelle took pleasure in spanking the lovely red head over her lap. Spanking her until she promised not to rummage through her jewelry. After Bianca was well spanked, Joelle led her lovely object of desire to the corner of the room and got back in bed to enjoy both Bianca and the handywork she had done to her bottom.”

For more info and free preview videos, surf over to Punished Brats!

punbratsjunesepia——->In editorial news, stay tuned for a forthcoming tribute to Ivy Sherwood.

Top Buns: Double Bubble Edition

So much wicked hawtness happening at the always delicious Punished Brats, it’s hard to stay on top of it all! Here’s a couple tushy pix that will give you just a lil taste of all the tail tanning goodness…..

First up is the divine Laci Starr…….
laci star punishedbrats spankingAnd then the P-Brats team welcomes a new wicked hot spankette by the name of Bianca Rose…..uh huh. . . . .
bianca rose spanking punishedbrats

For free video previews and more info, surf over to Punished Brats!

punished brats spanking website

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