Ivy Sherwood Debuts on Spanked Sweeties!

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ivy sherwood spankingBeautiful petite stunner Ivy Sherwood makes her dynamic debut on Spanked Sweeties, with the unstoppable Lana Miller playing the Mom, and re-enacting several of Ivy’s spankings at home.

Ivy is also candidly interviewed about her spanking experiences growing up and currently.  Hard-spanking Lana Miller recently starred in the latest Exclusive Education series called “Cheerleader Camp.”  These sites are also avail via the better-valued multi site Clare Pass.

For more info, surf on over to Spanked Sweeties: Old-Fashioned, Traditional Domestic Discipline, Panties Down!

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FYI:   Other notable and gorgeous ebony spankettes would be the recent debut of “Cupcake” on Spanked Sweeties; superstar spankee Danielle Hunt; the delightful Rihanna who rocked on Sweeties; Don’t forget spanking starlet Lola Marie, who has worked tons of red-tailed companies; There was also naughty Michelle Miller in 2012 getting her spank on at Sweeties; and this just in, you must check out gymnast Anna Grant showing off her pert and tight ebony bottom in a brand new series.

Festive Fanny Flaming: Mom’s Holiday Hairbrush Spanking!

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, and that means rumps roasting and buns all ablazing.

retro vintage guyAll that and more is playing now in the latest sizzler from Girl Spanks Girl, in which a traditionally minded Mom, played by the wicked strict Lana and her wooden hairbrush, teaches her two mischief-making daughters a memorable holiday lesson, via some hands-on guidance….You can also get yourself hooked up with this site via the better valued, multi-site Clare Pass.


holiday spanking hairbrushFor instant access, surf on over to Girl Spanks Girl for all the festive fanny-flaming action or to save some cash, check out the better valued Clare Pass.

Check out what’s streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies. New users? Watch 10 minutes for free Instantly. You can also check out free samples and also enjoy fresh new titles from PunishedBrats.

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Ebony Beauty Rihanna Debuts on Sweeties

——>This just in: new hottie Rihanna debuts on Sweeties in a domestic strict Mom/madly misbehaving daughter scene, and it’s certainly spanktastic.

black girl spanked otk

Rihanna especially rocks those tight jeans, and in a later scene turns the tables on Lana.

(In other Clare Fonda news, don’t forget the annual schoolgirl red-ass fest playing on GirlSpanksGirl: Exclusive Education 7, the awesomeness of Ludella Hahn, and some intriguing pix of Veronica Ricci in the dreaded wheelbarrow position.)

BTW these sites are also available via the multi-site Clare Pass.

ebony beauty spanked over the knee

Sizzling hotness. That skimpy dress does not stay on very long under the stern hand and strict scolding of Lana.

The no-nonsense Lana plays her iron-handed Mom for a dose of tumultuous tail tanning. . . . .[Stay tuned for lots more pix and screen-grabs from these scenes in future cherryred blog posts.]

All pix courtesy of Spanked Sweeties. Also available via:

Blistered Black Bottoms at Bad Tushy

I have blogged on several occasions [ i.e. check out Black is Beautiful ] on how fantastic it is to see multicultural diversity in the spanking erotica scene, aand wishing there was more diversity in the industry.

On that front, I have lobbied some of the most well-known producers to please try to feature more lovely black spankee’s (and models from varied backgrounds and cultures) — both as Spankers and Spankees.

Anyway, Bad Tushy is one example of a company that is, in their latest spanktastic update, heeding the call that black is certainly and most definitely beautiful.

Their latest delicious disciplinary update features a striking African-American model who is brand-new to the scene, and the unstoppable Ms. Law, whose iron hand is the law. I’m digging the oak-paneled executive suite, which looks just like my office! [Editorial Note: Well, not really, errm, woe is me, as I actually toil away in a cubicle. ]

The most well-known black Spanker I can think of is the lovely Lana, recruited by Clare Fonda, from Spanked Sweeties, whose maternal hand has blistered many a sweet ass.

And the new and beautiful model, Simone, from a new player on the scene, Spanking Bare Butts, is another yummy African-American model who exemplifies how hot diversity can be.

Other flavors are the hot Asian F/f spankings at Hand-Spankings and also my favorite movie from Spanking Online: The Brazilian Butt Blistering vid. (The Asian spanking site features absolutely no male spankers, which is a complete mystery to me.)

Anyway, taste the rainbow of flavors in the spanking scene.

It’s all beautiful to me.

* * *

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