The Spanking Spot: The Cherry Red Exclusive Interview


Artistic rendering of the spanko blogger known as "Brushstrokes"

There is a famous, popular and apparently tireless blogger by the name of Brushstrokes, my dear readers. And this blogger has a 5-year-old spanko blog made of cherry red goodness that is updated just about daily, which, of course, is called The Spanking Spot.

His blog offers heaps of comprehensive coverage of the spanking biz with detailed industry updates and red ass reviews, and is spiced with witty and rambling commentary on politics, life in general, the end of the world, and other often completely random topics.

Anyway, you see, your humble narrator wanted to know: who is this man of which we speaketh? What explains his self-deprecating sense of good humor; lifelong taste for cherry red tushy; his apparent ability to defeat the common malady known as Spanko Blogger Burnout; and his love of woman in overalls?? Who really is Brushstrokes?  Well, all this and more shall be revealed in this cherry red exclusive interview with the creator of The Spanking Spot, as I ask him some silly questions, of course, and some serious spanko questions as well. Enjoy!

[Editorial Note: Stay tuned for a forthcoming Q&A with the cameraman for the Spanked Sweeties site, discussing new hottie and Penthouse model Veronica Ricci.  And this just in: the newest Sweetie is a lovely lass named Ash.]

Thank you Mr. Brushstrokes for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.

Thank you for your invite,  I am overjoyed to be here.  In fact I am so happy I am going to paint myself blue!  Or maybe green,  perhaps yellow. Or fuchsia if I can ever figure out what color that really is.

I love fuschia. So is it true you are patiently awaiting the zombie apocalypse?

Look, I know there are naysayers out there, but the fact remains civilization will be destroyed by hordes of brain eating zombies.  You see, if you if you put an infinite number of Conservatives in a room with an infinite number of typewriters one of them is going to learn how to write.  With all the people being born and dying, someone, somewhere will eventually turn into the undead.

That day I believe is May 21st 2011 as predicted by the radio evangelist Harold Camping. Continue reading “The Spanking Spot: The Cherry Red Exclusive Interview”

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