A Cherry Red Ass Retrospective: Celebrating 7 Years of the Exclusive Education Schoolgirl Spanking Series

exclusive education 4 from the clare fonda spanking network
A poster from the cherry red graphic lab in tribute to Exclusive Education 4 back in 2009 from GirlSpanksGirl.  That is from left to right: Snow Mercy, Lana and Clare Fonda.  The entire EE series is also available via the Clare multi-site pass.

It’s been seven years since the annual multi-schoolgirl red-ass fest known as Exclusive Education, directed by Clare Fonda, debuted on GirlSpanksGirl and rocked the spanko world.

So we here at CRR HQ thought we’d present a punished posterior pictorial retrospective celebration.  Let us salute seven years of cherry redness, scorched schoolgirl bun blazing, white panties and plaid skirts, and epic disciplinary detention that is the hairbrush hallmark of the Exclusive Education series.

It all started with the debut of the EE schoolgirl series in 2005 on GirlSpanksGirl.   You see, I was just a young, innocent spanko back then, and the CherryRedReport was just a dream, along with heat-inducing schoolgirl red-ass festivals such as the Exclusive Education series…..

And so it begins with Exclusive Education 1, and continues to this day at GirlSpanksGirl. It  featured an impressive cast, including the ever naughty Alice Wonder.

*  *  *

Because errant schoolgirls just never learn.  Year Two would feature an even bigger cast of spanko starlets.

Exclusive Education 2: spanking schoolgirl annual video

*  *  *

The momentum continues as Year 3 unveiled new faces and new bottoms……Perv on over and check out a few screen-shots from the flaming hot film.

*  *  *

What would Exclusive Education Year 4 bring?  The tushy tanning triumvirate of Clare, Lana and Snow Mercy. More sizzling hotness would ensue, wayward schoolgirl-style….

The mischief and misbehavior of Ashli Orion made its deliriously hot debut.

*  *  *

Year 5 presented yet an even bigger bun-blazing cast…….check out a free gallery from EE5.  And this film featured a new hard-spanking Top, Alicia Panetierre.

Sarah Gregory made her debut in this series, and she would show her deliciously strict side in future episodes.

*  *  *

Year 6 introduced the world to the epicness that is Veronica Ricci as well as Mandee Miller.  And also notable was a delicious cheerleader scene featuring Lilia Spinoza.

*  *  *

Which brings us to the present day, in which Clare’s longtime videographer, known as “the Cameraman,” [check out an interview with the Camerman] has skillfully taken over the helm of the Clare Fonda empire, and the sizzling spankapalooza schoolgirl epic continues today with Exclusive Education 7.  So what will year 8 bring?

*  *  *

All images are courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl, which is also available via the Clare Pass.

Clare Fonda spanking network pass


Cherry Red Interview: Clare Fonda’s Cameraman on Clare’s Retirement; Starting a New Spanking Site; Why Veronica Ricci Rocks; and More…


Clare Fonda spanks Veronica Ricci
The stunning Veronica Ricci gets punished over Momma Clare's lap

After a decade working as Clare Fonda’s devoted documentarian of the disciplined derriere, “The Cameraman” is gradually taking over the helm of the Fonda spanking network of cherry red goodness. . .

. . .And this includes the launch of a sizzling new sorority spanking site, in the wake of the legendary “Momma” Clare’s recent announcement of her semi-retirement from the spanky scene to pursue other fetishistic pursuits.

CRR caught up with this tireless videographer and photographer recently for a cherry red Q&A.

By the way, you can enjoy and watch instantly, on-demand, a variety of Clare’s spanking films here.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report.

Always a pleasure.

I know you’ve worked as the chief cameraman with Clare on her network of sites for 12 years — so I’m wondering how does it feel to take over the reins of the Fonda spanko empire?

Right now I am slightly overwhelmed.  I have been working on two feature films overlapping with taking over the sites, which is an increase in my workload of course.  So the past six weeks or so I have been basically working day and night, no time off.

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m learning more how to manage the extra load.  Clare has been a great help. She has been working on trouble-shooting issues with the sites, while I get my feet on the ground and pick up all the many details of the job.

Clare Fonda

At the dawn of this post-Fonda era, I’m sure it must feel weird/strange(?) to not have “Momma Clare” on the set?

I have done some shoots without Clare on set before – mostly for the My Spanking Roommate site.  And when we discussed her decision to phase out of spanking last December, Clare stressed keeping a 5 site special.

So I needed a site to replace Clare Spanks Men.  That site became Spanking Sorority Girls. Clare was not on set for the sorority site shoots.  So not having her on set has been a gradual process, which has helped me ease going solo.

Clare is a dynamic force on set, with creative ideas and with her great sense of humor, she Continue reading “Cherry Red Interview: Clare Fonda’s Cameraman on Clare’s Retirement; Starting a New Spanking Site; Why Veronica Ricci Rocks; and More…”

Clare Fonda Is Retiring?!?! Say It Ain’t So!

We here at CRR HQ are reeling at the recent news that the spanking legend herself, Clare Fonda aka: “Momma Clare” is leaving the spanking scene to pursue other fetishistic endeavors.

However, her growing network of sizzling spanky sites including her flagship site, Spanked Sweeties, will remain cookin’ hotttt cherryred style under the skilled and seasoned helm of her longtime Cameraman, along with a host of new female Spankers.

The Cameraman btw is also no stranger to punishing, quite firmly, naughty sweeties himself.   [You can also check out an interview from 2010 with Clare’s Camerman]

Anyway, it’s wicked sad news for longtime admirers of Momma Clare, but we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!

Hot-off-the-press news direct from Clare Fonda herself:

“I am leaving the world of spanking. It is strictly a business decision my partner, The Cameraman, and I have come to after working together for 12 years.  Basically, our sites have grown to a point that I need to spend more time with marketing and less time shooting so it makes sense that I head up our Diaper Department and he handles spanking.

Clare Fonda is leaving the spanking scene...but not the fetish scene.

“We have been working very hard for the past six months to make sure this transition is handled smoothly and believe me, we have shot a lot of very hot and fresh spanking content including working on a whole new site.

“It has been intensive and resulted in some great work, but it is better for me to now deal with the diaper empire while The C-man focuses on the hard action and gorgeous spanking models our sites have become known for.

Clare Fonda spanks her naughty daughter on SpankedSweeties

“I feel that our company grew each year in terms of our wonderfully supportive member base and realistic spanking scenes- and most of that is owed to The Cameraman.  I have a lot to say on a personal level this weekend which I will combine with the premiere of a brand new spanking site – but for now I am confirming that my last day as Clare Fonda, spanking switch, “Momma” to many, will be April 15th…

“And  while you will see my work as a top and occasional sub for a long time on our Clare Fonda Pass network (Believe me when I say we shot a hell of a lot of hot shit) my new permanent home will be on www.naughtydiapergirls.com

“The Cameraman and I are very happy how this has worked out and he has been hiring some beautiful Dommes that have been smacking hard . This weekend I’ll be sharing some special pictures and probably blubbering a little as I say bye on my blog.  Thanks for taking the time to read the post and to everyone who is is asking, reporting or even wondering. The Cameraman and I want everyone to know we appreciate the support!”

*  *  *

>>>>>>>p.s.  She may be retiring from the spanky scene, but there’s lots of new preview piccies and galleries to perv over to and enjoy:

p.s.s.   You can also watch a bunch of Clare Fonda films On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

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