A CherryRed Interview with The Camerman on the South of France Schoolgirl Spanking Shoot

When we here at CRR HQ found out the latest installment of the Exclusive Education schoolgirl series, playing now at Girl Spanks Girl, was shot in the South of France, we had to know more.

Exclusive Education 8, featuring Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes, Koko Kitten, Buffy Buffington, and Nikki Rouge

So we asked the chief Cameraman a few cherryred-related questions on this sizzling schoolie spankfest. . .The tireless Cameraman produces all the sites in the Clare Fonda network.

Thanks much for taking the time! So how did you end up shooting EE8 in the South of France?

Snow Mercy and Nikki Rogue approached me with the idea, actually. Snow has been part of this Exclusive Education epic series on Girl Spanks Girl for some time (since episode 3 I believe) and Nikki has appeared in it as well.

They had some too good to be true deals for shooting in France and while the cost was Continue reading “A CherryRed Interview with The Camerman on the South of France Schoolgirl Spanking Shoot”

Tight Ends

Image from MetArt. And check out their newly launched site SexArt.

*  *  *

In the editorial pipeline: Stay tuned for a forthcoming cherry red interview with “The Camerman,” Clare Fonda’s chief videographer for over ten years, who is now taking the helm of the Clare Fonda red-ass empire.  [Check out a 2010 interview with the Camerman.]

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Lilia Spinoza Sizzles on Spanked Sweeties

lilia spinoza on clare fonda's spankedsweeties

What’s up my spanky peeps. In cherry red editorial news, we are wicked psyched to be soon blogging up a cherryred-tastic Q&A with fetish star, and rising spanking star, and professional belly dancer Lilia Spinoza who is rockin’ it schoolgirl style in the latest update from Spanked Sweeties.

After causing some kind of mischief, Lilia gets a very hardddd tannin’ from Clare’s long-time Camerman, and iron-handed butt percussionist. [Speaking of the Camerman, in case you missed it, perv over to his guest post on his Top 10 spanking highlights of 2010.]

Lilia also looks exquisite, elegantly clad in a tight orange dress, in this brand new sizzlingly hawttt scene on Spanked Call Girls.  Epic hawtness.

lilia spinoza gets an otk spanking by clare fonda*  *  *

Click on the thumbnails below for more Lilia Spinoza spanking galleries:

The Many Faces of Clare Fonda

Expressions are windows to the soul.

Clare Fonda’s longtime cameraman created this graphical mosaic a ways back, and gave me kind permission to re-blog.

This seasoned documentarian of the disciplined derriere’s cherrytastic tribute to Clare depicts just a few of the many faces and apparently countless expressions of the inimitable spanking legend that is Clare Fonda.

Equally at home displaying looks of shock or dismay or whimsy or insanity and much more when she’s getting her spank on, Clare always keeps it super interesting, glowing hot — and very fun in the spanky biz.

the many faces of spanking star Clare Fonda*  *  *

P.S.  A sampling of recent galleries from Clare:

Pajama’s + hairbrush spankings: Clare’s modifies some behavior issues in the film “Strict Tutor”

Alice and Nena get their comeuppance

New sweetie Tracie gets a tanning

Dylan Rose learns her lesson

Clare and Elise

Clare spanked by Kyle

The recalcitrant Missy Rhodes

Elise faces the music of Clare’s staccato spanking hand

More cherry red news and random thoughts at 2 a.m.

Yup yup! The delightfully naughty Joelle is back once again on PunishedBrats and all is right with the world.

File under: frustration. Have been trying to secure an interview with spanking superstar Samantha Woodley for the past several years. So far, no luck, will keep trying.

Could you imagine working as a guard at this prison?

Still amazed this site has never featured a male spanker. Would make a steamy hot site even hotter, IMHO.

Perv on over to the latest updates from the sizzling new site by Pandora Blake, Dreams of Spanking, including a very explicit sex scene.

BadTushy wins a cherry award for shooting their scenes in the most hilariously ostentatious, over-the-top locations, featuring some hideous home decor choices. They may be filming at Trump’s house.

The classics never go out of spanko style.  Chelsea Pfeiffer’s spanking classics site features her pulse-pounding content from the 80’s that is as yummy, and cherry red relevant, as ever. Some of my all-time favest piccies are from this site.

Intriguingly naughty Girl Guide [aka: Girl Scout] spanking scene on Triple A Spanking. Perversity, thy name is awesome.

Not sure how one of the hardest working spankos in the biz, Mike, how he does not suffer from hand and arm problems and general spanko fatigue. See his comprehensive body of work on display at Spanked in Uniform.  This tireless Top also handles most of the cherry reddening at his other site: RLS.

Wish they taught Spanking 101 in school.

Firm Hand Spanking superstar Alison Miller stars in some of the sweetest spanking pix I’ve seen in the past few years — want to pick my top 10 for a future bloggy post.  Will need to do more research on Ms. Miller and her bodacious bottom.

My sources are telling me Northern Spanking may be getting a complete site overhaul, at some point soon.

Clare Fonda’s Cameraman: Behind the Scenes with Shay Golden

The spanko crew here at Cherry Red HQ have been quite enamored since the day adult film star Shay Golden made her awe-inducing debut recently on Clare Fonda’s flagship Spanked Sweeties website, which is also available via Clare’s multi-site pass. So we thought we’d ask Clare chief video wizard, master lensman and primary recorder of all things cherry red [known as The Cameraman] for the behind-the-scenes scoop on the epic hawtness that is Shay. . .

Thank you for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. When you first saw Shay Golden walk through the door rocking those incredible daisy dukes, what went through your mind?

I had seen Shay once before – on the set of a horror movie where I met her and Veronica Ricci, who were in a scene together.  I was the cameraman, and also the one who designed
Shay’s death scene that day (her throat got cut).  I knew that Shay had an amazing body.  So when she walked in for the Clare Fonda shoot, wearing her tight short-shorts, I was pleased of course, but not surprised.

And I believe Clare said something like “those will be great for your first scene.”  I think I might’ve smiled when she said that. And this is true –  I even said to Clare something like “Cherry Red Dave is going to love this scene.”

How right you were! Did she bring a lot of outfits and clothes and whatnot to the shoot?

Shay had a smallish bag as these things go.  Seems like she had maybe 4 or so outfits.  Clare has an endless supply of dresses and full panties, and I’m going to say that Clare gave her maybe one outfit and a pair of panties for some of the stuff we shot.  So I would categorize Shay as being a practical packer.

Errm…are you, well, looking for a camera assistant at the moment? Um…just curious.

Ha ha – thanks for the offer to assist on the shoot Dave.  How much can you afford to pay Continue reading “Clare Fonda’s Cameraman: Behind the Scenes with Shay Golden”

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