The Caning Competition

spank red 3dcaning spankred3dAnother blazing new spanktastic series featuring the sassy Lisa and always naughty Karen from domestic discipline illustrator SpankRed 3D.  Check out the site for instant access to lots more wicked hot illustrated spanking fantasies.

mosaic spankred3d

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Shut Up and Spank

Having a bit ‘o fun with vintage comix, altered the text a bit to make it a bit more spanktastic, with a woman getting straight to the point. The original text had the cliche line: “If you’re a naughty girl, I’ll spank you.”  Hm….I like my version better.

*  *  *

In other graphics news, the talented artist known as the Poser sent me one of his latest computer-generated butt-blazing creations, featuring the classic schoolgirl caning scenario.

Punished for Masturbating

Bad girls who engage in scandalous activities with their naughty bits should certainly get punished and cherry reddened for that! I mean, really, I say! In this dripping-wet release “Punished for Masturbating” which is now playing on CherryRedMovies, five lasses learn the meaning of…I dunno what exactly they learn specifically, you see, but it makes for quite enjoyable and pervy viewing. 🙂 [On a side note, if you dig highly erotic spanking, do check out Shadow Lane’s classic “Tattletail” film.]

Get your free minutes: Updated daily for cherry red freshness and spanko goodness. The best in on-demand, pay-per-minute cherry red spanking videos:
Editors Picks

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