The Many Faces of Syren de Mer

syren de mer
Featured prominently on Girl Spanks Girl, the exquisite adult film star Syren de Mer is emerging as one of the hottest, and most wonderfully expressive new Tops in a while, most notably in the “Governess Rules” film.   So I made this little mosaic tribute. Determination. Focus. Anger. Joy. Her countless delightful expressions run the gamut.  And this seasoned adult star spanks, cherryred-style, and scolds, with equal aplomb.  Gotta’ love it . . . . . [GirlSpanks girl is also avail via the Clare Pass.]
syren de mer
She’s also now starring on Sweeties as well…..tanning the hide of “Casey”….aka: adult film star Casey Cumz.

Rump Roast; And Cherry Red Spanking News: Blizzard Edition

Classic spanking illo by “Eve.”

shadow lane spanking videos

– – – – ->In spanky news, the Shadow Lane folks have a new release called “Spanking 201” that looks sexy-hawt.  [They also have a fab spanko instructional vid called Spanking 101 btw.] In other bun blazin’ news, perv over to a few fresh and new and wicked hawt cherryred preview galleries and various other awesomeness:

While hunkering down for the mega-blizzard super-storm, and gathering canned goods and whatnot,  and now attempting and failing miserably to dig my car out of 3ft of snow, I’m thinking about posting up a forthcoming pictorial tribute to the fantastic new spanking star, and exquisite Top, the mesmerizing Syren de Mer, pictured in this post tanning the hides of Veronica and Kay.   Gotta’ love the drop-seat PJ’s.

——->In case you missed it, preview pix from Part 1 of that sizzling film can be found Here.  And Ms. de Mer certainly looks quite fetching rocking an orange mini-dress while teaching a lesson or two to bratty badgurl Casey over at SpankedSweeties. *swoon*

Also avail via the better valued Clare Pass.

syren de mer
Syren de Mer, playing the role of Casey’s stern Mom, sizes up her target in the latest domestic bun blazing video from SpankedSweeties.

P.S. Both of the starlets pictured above are veterans in the adult biz.  Syren de Mer is an adult film star whose XXX films you can find Here, streaming on-demand.  And the adult films of Casey, aka: “Casey Cumz” can be perved at right over Here.

CherryRedMovies spanking on-demand

Tight Ends: X-Art Style & Casey Cumz Debuts on SpankedSweeties

Tight ass courtesy of X-Art

Uh huh.  Luscious imagery courtesy of the very high-end, explicit and classy XXX site called X-Art.  If you dig sensual, erotic and and cherryredtastic explicitly hot adult content, you will certainly enjoy this site.

X-art premium high-end erotica

Next in line after the dreamy Annika Albrite, we have a yummy new sweetie: From Spanked Sweeties, badgurl hottie Casey [also know as XXX film star Casey Cumz] makes her Sweeties debut, getting her rump-mounds tanned by her old-fashioned spanking and scolding Mom, wonderfully played by Syren del Mer, who also absolutely rocks in the film “Governess Rules” — Syren is certainly one of the finest Tops I’ve seen in a while.  And she’s a stunner, too.

Mom's home and is not happy on SpankedSweeties
Love those panties! Sweeties is also available via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass.

P.S.  Here’s another piccy of the exquisite Syren del Mer getting her spank on in the must-see film “Governess Rules” playing now at Girl Spanks Girl:

Syren de Mer spanking

I am trying to set up a cherryred Q&A with Syren de Mer…we’ll see what happens.

governess spanking veronica ricci

The spanking sites mentioned above are all also available via:

clare pass

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