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What up my spanky peeps. Enjoy some fresh and tasty morsels of cherry red goodness for y’all.

Some ass-blazing samples from recent fanny-flaming updates at the always intriguing and delicious Spanked in Uniform, which features schoolgirls, cadets, cheergirls, flight attendants and more, all getting it good — and hard!


Have you met Dakota??  file under: Petite.  Teeny tiny spankette Dakota Skye makes her red ass debut at Spanked Call Girls, squirming over the lap of the unstoppable Veronica Ricci. Also avail via the Clare multi-site Pass.


Got short-shorts??  Yup.  Short-shorts and hairbrushes are in abundance in fresh, delicious new updates at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s always sizzling Good Spanking website.  Here we have both Amelia Jane as well as Addie Juniper getting their buns smoked to glowing shades of cherryredness. Uh huh. Also be sure to check out Chelsea’s 2-site special pass. 


Lovely new Sweetie by the name of Constance debuts on Spanked Sweeties, re-enacting domestic discipline scenes….She was the daughter of a preacher, and is interviewed in detail about her experiences in a strict household.  Sweeties is avail as well via the better valued Clare Pass.


Ms. Sydney gives misbehaving schoolgirl Ariel some hard lessons.  Tons and tons of red-ass action going on these days at Punished Brats — visit the site for some free video samples from their latest updates.

—–>Heaps more cherryred hotness below:

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Cherry Red Spanking Galleries & News

Uh huh.  Luv the expression, the camera angle, the perfect positioning.  Mmm…Gorgeous, luscious image of cherryred hawtness from a recent update at Girl Spanks Girl, also avail via the better valued Clare Pass.

Sizzling News from FirmHand

Wicked Hot Stuff at SIU

Momma Spanks — Hard

Meet New Sweetie Cassie Ramone. Too cute to spank?

Stay tuned for an interview with The Governess

Momma Paddles

New Model at Bun Beating Fun

Momma Straps

The Rude Innkeeper

Alexis Spanks a Bad Boi [F-M]

The Latest Edition of Wellred Weekly

More Sweet Cassie

Danny Hunt & The Broken Paddle

No Ifs, Ands–Just Butts


Emily Spanks a Bad Boi [F-M]

Bunny SpankFest

More Celeste

Spankable Catie Minx

* * *

Check out what’s streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies. New users? Watch 10 minutes for free Instantly.


Cassie Ramone Debuts on Sweeties; Plus The Governess Returns with her Bun Blazing Hairbrush

cassie ramone spanked otk

The wicked spankable Cassie Ramone is the latest and newest spanktastic Sweetie over at SpankedSweeties. . . in which they re-enact some of her naughty daughter domestic spankings–and this spankette is also candidly interviewed about her r/l spanking experiences.

cassie ramone sweeties
Naughty girl Cassie learns that Mother always knows best. . .

The interview segment on SpankedSweeties with Veronica Ricci starts to get a little bit “hands-on” so to speak:

cassie ramone and veronica ricciSweeties is also avail via the better-valued the Clare Pass.

BTW Cassie is not a complete newbie to spanking — for example, she was recently featured on Spanked Call Girls, getting her perky tush blazed — and also lighting up Veronica’s ass with the trusty hairbrush. Uh huh.

cassie ramone spanks veronica ricci*  *  *

In other ass blazing news, in the continuing Governess Returns saga playing now at Girl Spanks Girl,  the exquisitely strict Governess, played perfectly by Syren de Mer, puts her charges in outlandishly girlilsh outfits and tans their hides hard with a stinging hot hairbrush spanking session.  If you watch the video, you will see that Syren de Mer scolds and spanks hard!

syren de mer spanks
Kay Richards feels the sting of the hairbrush in the film “The Governess Returns!”as Veronica Ricci waits her turn for a trip over the knee. . .

The Governess Returns!: —  This film is playing exclusively at Girl Spanks Girl.

——->All sites mentioned in this post are avail via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass.

P.S. More new preview galleries from this family of sites that you will enjoy:

clare fonda pass

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