The Sleepover; And Cherry Red Spanking Galleries

sleepover spankred3d artwork
I love slumber parties.  Above is a an exclusive sneak-peek at a forthcoming fanny-flaming cherry-cheeked update from SpankRed3D, concerning a sleepover party that turns into a cherryred-themed spank fest.  The classic spin the bottle game turns into….spin the hairbrush? We shall soon find out at SpankRed3d.

*  *  *

And now a few fresh and tasty spanky galleries, as well as links to nuggets of cherryred goodness.

10 out of 10 Cherries: The Highly Spankable Catie Minx

All photos courtesy of the brand new modeling site Catie Minx.

Catie Minx in daisy dukes
Perv on over to a free sampler video from the above daisy dukes photo shoot.

These pix are from a fresh ‘n’ new sexy adult site that features a strikingly spankable, gorgeous hottie Catie Minx who is equal parts nerdy girl next door and mouthwatering sex kitten — and absolutely rocks a pair of short-shorts. 

[Just to clarify, this is not a spanking site; though she does give her own beautiful bottom a teasing spank or two in a few vids…:) ] Umm, well, be that as it may, think she’d be up for working as an assministrator at the Cherry Red Report to conduct some hands-on research?

Catie Minx wearing panties
Exqusite! ! !  Visit Catie Minx for a free video sampler and more piccies. *swoon*

Spankabililty rating? 10 out of 10 cherries.

Catie Minx in pink shorts
My day is suddenly looking bright and sunny and happy and full of cherry red yummyness. And m spanky senses are tingling after checking out Catie Minx.

* * *

Catie Minx: hot new teen model

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