The Premiere of Exclusive Education 10


The annual multi-schoolgirl spankfest Exclusive Education is in its 10th year and this hour-long edition looks to be a must-see bun-blazer.  Playing now only at Girl Spanks Girl and also avail via the multi-site best-valued Clare Pass.

Check out a sample preview gallery and a second one Here.





Chanell Heart: Adult Film Star & Now a Spanking Starlet

chanell heart porn star

Ebony stunner Chanell Hart is not just a new spanking starlet appearing on Spanked Sweeties, as well as multi-girl spank fests at Spanking Sorority Girls and the cheerleader-themed spank epic on GirlSpanksGirl.

She is also an established, and striking, adult film star, appearing in a diverse array of over 40 XXX flicks, starring in wicked hot films and rocking some drool-inducing box covers — ranging from “Chocolate Cheerleader Camp” to “Black Babysitters.”  (And if you dig blazing hot booties, check out a free preview gallery of Chanell getting spanked on Sweeties.)

black babysitters“My stage name came about because I desired one that was short and sweet. Chanell is not only sweet, it’s expensive and a classic. And Heart was added because I have a big one….And I always see myself progressing. I want to start my own online lingerie boutique and that’s what I’m working on at the moment. In the future, I’d like to produce and direct in the industry, a black romance series.”

In regards to the spanking scene, Chanell is the hottest ebony spank star since Ivy Sherwood debuted on Sweeties.

spanking chanell heart
Mom (played by Lana) is most displeased with her misbehaving daughter (Chanell Heart). Playing now exclusively at Spanked Sweeties and also avail via the multi-site Clare Pass.

Chanell has appeared in many porn films, and I’ve included some delicious and exquisite eye candy below for your viewing enjoyment. ^_^

chanell heart pornchanell heart bootychanell heart xxxchanell heart black asschanell heart black porn starblack booty channell heart xxxTo watch this hottie get spanked, sign up for the multi-pass Clare Pass or check out her striking red-assed debut on Spanked Sweeties.


Chanell Heart Debuts on Spanked Sweeties

chanelle heart gif
The amazing Chanell Heart discussing her real-life spanking experiences and adventures.

spanked sweetiesEbony stunner and adult film star Chanell Heart has made her wicked hot debut on Spanked Sweeties — stay tuned for more pix, GIF’s and whatnot ASAP!  She’s certainly the hottest ebony spankette since Ivy Sherwood.

  BTW—–>You can get yourself hooked up w/Sweeties via the Clare Pass as well.

chanell heart spanked sweetiesP.S.  Chanell is not completely new to the spanking biz.  She starred in “Cheerleader Camp” as well as a Spanking Sorority Spank Fest.

The Brand New Sorority Girl Spank Fest!

spanking otk
Sassy schoolgirl spankette Christy Cutie.

“……A new and massive Spanking Sorority Girls epic with 8 sorority girls who are ordered to be nice to new, rich schoolgirl Chanell Heart…The sassy schoolgirls girls gang up on Chanell and spank her; however, Miss Snow catches them. All are punished via over-the-knee spankings with hand and hairbrush — then the 3 worst girls receive the wooden pledge paddle….”

sorority girlsArticle reprinted with permission.  Text written by the Cameraman, who runs the Clare Fonda Network.

sorority girls spanking
Gorgeous sorority hotties — playing now, exclusively at Spanking Sorority Girls.

Each year I talk a lot about the annual multi-school girl shoot on Girl Spanks Girl — the legendary Exclusive Education series. And it makes sense.  Tons of hot ladies getting spanked, usually as misbehaving schoolgirls. And this year it will be the tenth episode in the series.

chanell heart spanking
Ebony beauty Chanell Heart (right) taunts misbehaving Alex Reynolds while she’s getting spanked…

However, what seems to be going under the radar is the sizzling schoolgirl shoot, playing now at Spanking Sorority Girls, which I have been doing the past few years.  The big scene, featuring 8 sorority girls, tends to be a little shorter than the Exclusive Education series scenes, but they are still long and full of just as many schoolgirls. This year the story focuses on ebony stunner Chanell Heart, who Miss Snow introduces to the sorority.

sorority spanking 2
Lana Lopez learns it can be painful being a sorority girl at a school for wayward girls……

This was Chanell’s first ever spanking shoot, but she did a great job.  And she was subbing for Tori Black, who left the set just before we started shooting.  No pressure. But Chanell was amazing (I just shot her again a few days ago) and very believable as the bratty rich girl who gets gang-spanked by the other sorority girls, which leads them all to some serious punishment.

sorority spanking 4
Snow Mercy, as the teacher, supervises all the disciplinary proceedings.

After the shoot, Chanell admits to having a blast “spanking all those girls.” And of course the sorority epic must end with someone receiving the large wooden pledge paddle – in this case it was Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds and Koko Kitten.

sorority spanking 5
Of course, Christy Cutie most certainly will need a hard paddling.

A side note – some of the photos you see in this post are do not appear in the gallery – they are exclusive to this post. They were taken with a wide angle lens by the second camera operator that day and I thought it would be fun to save them for the blog.

Another side note – Koko was sad that her friend Veronica Ricci (one of Spanking Sorority Girl’s recurring stars) could not make it to this shoot, so it was her suggestion that she receive a whack with the paddle on Veronica’s behalf. So we worked that into the story.

For more info, surf on over to Spanking Sorority Girls.

All sites mentioned in this article are also avail via the better-valued multi site Clare Pass.


Welcome to Cheerleader Camp!

cheerleader spankingAnd so it begins! This year’s annual Exclusive Education series on Girl Spanks Girl has a wicked hawt cheerleader theme this time around, featuring eight misbehaving cheer-brats attending “Cheerleader Camp” — and the unstoppable and seasoned bun-blazer Snow Mercy is the chief enforcer of discipline.  This multi-girl cherry-cheeked spank fest is also avail via the better-valued, multi site Clare Pass.

cheerleadercamp hairbrush spankingThe sassy and spankable cheerleaders include Willow, Lilly, Chanell Heart, Christy Cutie, Lana Lopez, Koko Kitten, Yasmine deLeon, and Alex Reynolds.  Bring it on!

CRR asked for spanking star Christy Cutie’s thoughts on Cheerleader Camp: “I absolutely LOVED shooting EE9 Cheerleader Camp! It’s always fun working on set with a big group of girls…there’s more giggling, shenanigans, and ultimately more SPANKINGS! So, the more the merrier, if you ask me 😉 . . .

“This year was especially enjoyable to shoot because I got to play the role of a naughty cheerleader — something that I’ve always fantasized about, but rarely had the opportunity to portray. I was very excited about this: flouncing around in a tiny cheer skirt was ridiculously hot! I hope I get to shoot more naughty cheerleader scenes again soon!”

[Editorial Note: If you dig well-spanked cheerleaders, in the latest from the Triple A Spanking, check out Amelia Jane Rutherford as a naughty cheerleader. Yes!]

cheerleader spanking movieWith a super strong cast like this, you can’t go wrong. 🙂 For instant cheerleader spanking access, surf on over to Cheerleader Camp, playing now only at GirlSpanksGirl!

cheercamp spankingclare fonda spanking pass

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