Cherry-Cheeked Chaps: The Tail of the Naughty Cowgirl

spankred3d cowgirl

Look at those cherry red chaps and matching panties and hat.  And soon to be matching backside. File under: Yeehaw. Above are some delicious preview piccies from a gorgeous new naughty cowgirl series–check out SpankRed3D to enjoy these cherry-cheeked illustrations in all their full-size glory. There’s also tons more red-ass illos in their growing archives, from traditional domestic punishment scenarios to pervy multi-girl spank-fests: all of it new, fresh and feverishly hot.

spankred 3d banner

The Naughty Cowgirl

The creative minds at the delicious ass-sizzling SpankRed3D site sent me this exclusive illo, and I went into the cherryred graphix lab and boosted the colors a bit, added in some text, adjusted the general cherryredness for maximum hotness.

For more info, perv on over to:


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