Introducing CherryRed-Wear, the Summer/Fall Collection


What’s up my spanky peeps? Because life is better when it’s cherry red, I recently created a small shop with light-hearted, fun spanko apparel, you see, with silly slogans and cherries and such.

Introducing Cherry-Red Wear, the Summer/Fall collection, featuring a sizzling selection of tush-tanning themed t’s and pervy panties.

[If you have fun spanky design/slogan suggestions, feel free to submit them for consideration …]

Big thanks to the fabtastic Pink of The Pink Report fame, who did a wicked clever, supah’ kewl write-up on the cherry red apparel on her fine site right over Here. Thank you Pink! [Pls note Pink’s new website address for your blog-roll.]

Visit the shop and check out CherryRed-Wear….

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