CherryRedMovies: Screen-Shot ‘o the Week

Gonna get my blog on with a wicked short post. I do have more exclusive interviews/special features in the pipeline–stay tuned fellow spankoids–including a special post on Amber Pixie Wells, of PunishedBrats fame.

As my life-long obsession and lustful passion for tasty spanky imagery continues unabated, I thought I’d share some of my favest screen-grabs culled from films at my sister site: the pay-per-minute, on-demand spanking theatre CherryRedMovies. Thinking of making this a weekly feature….

For starters, I’m really and truly mclovin’ this iconic over the knee image from the fine spanking film “British Spanking Volume 4,” and this film is def. worth watching if you dig traditional schoolgirl spanking scenes. [Posted an equally yummy,  yummy screen-grab back in March from the same studio which you can see Here.]

Digging the head-on camera angle and perspective. Perfect placement of the spanker’s hand on her delicious bottom. The interplay of the black and white, the simplicity of the image, and her expression of shock/disbelief/the sting itself? While this blogger typically frowns upon naked spankings, this red-ass themed eye candy is a winner in my book.

Hope you dig it as well! [Got lots more similarly awesome piccies if you wanna see ’em?]

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