10 Questions with The Cherry Red Report


What’s up my fellow spanky peeps? For the first time eva’ in cherry red history, I was interviewed for another fine spanky blog — MarQe’s Study — in a feature called 10 Questions with The Cherry Red Report.

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Hi! I’m New Here!

Hello and welcome to the new home of The Cherry Red Report…now located at www.cherryredreport.com and powered by WordPress software.

I’m still learning the finer points of WordPress, and just bought the latest edition of “WordPress for Dummies,” although I have yet to read it.

Thusly, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing. So be gentle.:roll:

But I can guarantee more spanktastic and thrilling feature stories, intriguing and exclusive interviews, tantalizing fiction(!), exquisite spanking images and art, literary reviews, more exquisite spanking images, guest columnists and much more – celebrating the intoxicating eroticism of sizzling spankings and cherry red bottoms.:lol:

Best regards,

and still getting my blog on,


p.s. As always, I’m open to suggestions, ideas, feedback, etc.

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