Alexis Steele: The Cherry Red Interview

Self-described "tough-bottomed brat" Alexis Steele gets a bare-bottomed lesson with one of Chelsea Pfeiffer's many implements...

We are delighted to present an interview with a lovely new spanking model, and lifelong spanko, Alexis Steele, whose gorgeous buns of steel get cherry reddened most enthusiastically by Chelsea Pfeiffer on GoodSpanking.  Armed with a variety of implements, Chelsea gets the sassy and bratty Ms. Steele’s bouncing bottom glowing hot and sizzling, although Alexis apparently can’t help but..errm…well, enjoy all this disciplinary attention, as you’ll see in the Member’s section.

Hi Alexis Steele…thank you for taking the time to chat with CRR!

Dave, thank you for including me in the CRR club. It’s my pleasure share my spanko experiences with the readers of The Cherry Red Report. You truly have one of the most entertaining spanking blogs out there. We never know what’s up for discussion next. Happy 4th birthday and many many more to come.

Thank you:-) So what was it like filming for Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking site?

Well, Chelsea is one of my spanking idols so this was a dream come true. Her studio is really a great place to film. It’s very visually appealing and the furniture used for spankings is very comfortable. For a minute it was easy to forget that my bottom was being “set on fire!”

Chelsea's bathbrush is quite effective!

As for Chelsea, I’ve gotten to know her well over the last year through emails and a private spanking session. If you ever met a mainstream celebrity, I kinda had what I would equate to a similar experience hanging with Chelsea. She really IS a girl’s best friend/sister/, etc. for pre and post shoots BUT when the cameras role, or the session has begun, that LADY is ALL formidable business.

She has the expertise to go from laughing over something vanilla related, to giving an intimidating glare, a serious scolding and the strength to pull someone down across her knee!  I have been nothing but impressed with Chelsea’s talent whether watching her websites’ videos or getting my own spankings from her.

And Larry is an unbelievable photographer. I was very pleasantly surprised at the close up Continue reading “Alexis Steele: The Cherry Red Interview”

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