Chloe Elise: A Cherry Red Tribute

Chloe Elise spanked over the knee
Chloe Elise retired? Say it ain’t so!  Absolutely love this photo and the voyeuristic peeking through the door perspective.   In this classic domestic film on Girl Spanks Girl, Lena Ramone plays Chloe’s old-fashioned Aunt.   Check out a preview gallery from this vid.
Clare Fonda spanks Chloe Elise
Mom is not too happy with her misbehaving daughter — Chloe gets a bare bottom bikini spanking from the legendary Clare Fonda in this classic domestic discipline vid from SpankedSweeties.   More pix from this shoot can be found here.  Sweeties is also avail via the Clare Pass.

Last year, the cherryredtastic spanking starlet Chloe Elise quietly retired from the spanking scene.

Why that is, is not known to this blogger.  Be that as it may, the following is a photographic tribute to Chloe, whose pouty look, wayard behavior, bratty ways and wonderful assets Continue reading “Chloe Elise: A Cherry Red Tribute”

My Naughty Daughter with Chloe Elise

Mom played by Clare Fonda spanks daughter Chloe Elise
We need to have a little talk, young lady…..[screenshot from My Naughty Daughter.]

What ever happened to Chloe Elise? Her blog had not been updated in forever…sigh…

Anyway, we can still of course enjoy her spanktasticness in a multitude of cherry red ways — such as this classic domestic discipline film streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies……featuring the legendary Clare Fonda as the traditional, hairbrush-wielding Mom in this video entitled “My Naughty Daughter with Chloe Elise.”

—–>Another smokin’ hot on-demand Clare Fonda spanking film is “Auntie’s Rules.”

—–>And if you want to see Clare Fonda on the receiving end, check out Clare and Amber Pixie Wells in “Cabin Fever” and also ShadowLane’s “Good Cop Bad Cop,” to name a few cherry red examples.

Chloe Elise spanked by Clare Fonda
Clad in a skimpy bikini, this wayward daughter gets a sizzling tanning. Playing now at


Short-shorts don’t offer much cherry-reddening protection.


Let’s see if my hairbrush will get through to you, young lady…..

All screen-shots are from My Naughty Daughter with Chloe Elise:

Try this out and watch 10 minutes for Free: Enjoy thousands of red-tailed, bare bottom spanking videos instantly, streaming On-Demand at

P.S.  Stay tuned for a forthcoming feature celebrating the on-demand films of Samantha Woodley.

Michelle Miller Deliciously Debuts on Spanked Sweeties

Black spanking

Ebony stunner Michelle Miller makes her debut over on Spanked Sweeties, in a real family affair with the hard spanking Lana Miller, who is Michelle’s half-sister, blazing, I mean blazing(!) naughty daughter Michelle’s beautiful buns to a scorching level of disciplinary intensity in this domestic discipline scene.

Mom spanks daughterThis video is smoking hot and Lana is one of the best disciplinarians that I have ever seen — and Michelle is realistically vocal and amazing as a spankee.

Playing the role of the traditionally-minded Mom, Lana scolds and spanks with equal skill and vigor, working up a sweat, literally, as she firmly punishes the promising-to-be-good Michelle, who squirms and bucks and protests quite vocally over Lana’s lap.

In addition, Lana’s real-life niece plays Michelle’s sister in the scene.  By the way, Sweeties can also be accessed via the better-valued Clare Fonda Pass.  Here’s a feverishly hotttt screen-grab from the film:

Mom spanking daughter on SpankedSweeties
A misbehaving daughter learns a painful lesson over Mom's lap.

Here are some more preview piccies:

african-american black spanking on spankedsweeties

*  *  *

——–>In other Fonda network news, Alexis Grace plays a sex ed tutor and gets her spank on via Layden Sinn’s delectable backside, and pictured below, Chloe learns a hard lesson from Steve Fuller.

chloe elise gets a spanking

All photos courtesy of Spanked Sweeties and the Clare Fonda Network.

A Few Quick Questions with Missy Rhodes


Father Knows Best: Missy Rhodes learns a lesson via a smouldering hot bottom.

As promised, here is a short ‘n sweet Q&A with the glamour/fetish/bondage model turned spanko star Missy Rhodes, who recently debuted on Clare Fonda’s flagship Spanked Sweeties site, which is also available via Clare’s better valued multi site Clare Pass.

In the scenes, Missy plays Clare’s mischevious daughter and gets a delicious dose of Momma Clare’s old-fashioned cherry red hued attention, in addition to getting man spanked as well. Adult star Tegan Summers even plays Missy’s sister in one of the scenes. Missy is also candidly interviewed about her spanking experiences.

Pro-shot glamour pic of the stunning Missy Rhodes

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with The Cherry Red Report. So I know you have done lots of glamour modeling and fetish/bondage work, as seen on your Tumblr blog, so how did you end up over Clare’s lap on Spanked Sweeties, quite deliciously I might add?

I ended up contacting them through FetLife when I was traveling out to LA and we decided to set up a shoot.  Now I shoot with them every time I make it out to LA.

Have you always been into spanking, or has this been a relatively new development?

I was never spanked in a sexual way or spanked by someone who had a fetish for it till I started modeling.  My first spanking shoot was intense and surprising to say the least.

What attracts you to the spanking fetish?

The sensation of receiving a punishment spanking is unlike anything else.  It’s euphoric but also painful, but I like giving spankings more than receiving.

How sore was your bottom after this most recent Spanked Sweeties shoot?

The last shoot I did with them was really, really rough!  My bottom was very sore and red after that.

What was it like working with Clare Fonda?

I love her!  She can give one rough spanking though. . .

I bet! How would you describe her spanking style?

Swift, sharp and very, very powerful.


Momma Clare gets her message across Missy’s skimpy jean shorts

In regards to your fetish/glamour/bondage modeling, who are some of your fav photographers to work with?

I work with so many amazing people it’s hard to pick any one out….

Do you plan to, I hope, shoot more spanking scenes with Clare?

Of course!  I’ll be shooting for one of their sites again soon, so look out for it. I’m on most of their sites now, so go and find my other videos…

Pro-shot glamour pic of Ms. Rhodes

I shall, I promise! What are some of your “vanilla” non-adult interests and passions?

I love writing, traveling and collecting records.

Finally, any other future plans and projects for Missy Rhodes that we fans should be aware of?

I’ve got lots of things in the works.  Follow my Tumblr blog and follow me on twitter @ontherhodes to see what I’m up to!

Thanks very much for your time and keep up the cherry red spanktastic awesomesauce.

>>>Visit Spanked Sweeties for more info on Missy and many more spankable sweeties. . .

I do not think I’m getting through to you, young lady…

A few more New spanking galleries from Clare Fonda’s spanking network:

Chloe Elise and Kailee

Veronica punishes adult film star Tom Byron

**Speaking of Tom Byron, be sure to check out the spanking world of Tom Byron.

Clare tans Tegan’s tail

Exclusive Education 6

Meet Kisa Corvin

Kat St. James

A Few Questions with Lance del Toro

It’s always hella’ good chatting with seasoned spankers in the scene, to get their perspective on the art of discipline.

So we thought it might be nifty to ask a few questions of the wonderfully stern Lance del Toro, who has been featured as a bottom-busting Top for Firm Hand Spanking and industry pioneer Shadow Lane.

He also has such a fab name–I’m thinking of changing my name to, say, something cool like, umm, Dave de la Spanka. . .

:arrow:BTW, do check out Shadow Lane’s latest explicit, awe-inspiring and mouth-watering spanking video, cleverly entitled Bed, Bad and Beyond, which features adult industry superstars Amber Rayne and also Dia Zerva.

Anyway, Lance was involved with the legendary Samantha Woodley, but alas no longer, and Lance politely declined to answer questions on Samantha, to respect her privacy–so this Q&A will thusly be heaps shorter than as originally planned.

Thank you Lance for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give a shout out to all my fellow spanking enthusiasts!  I hope to see and meet some of them at the 2010 Labor Day Spanking party in Vegas.  I have missed the last couple of parties that Shadow Lane has put on, due to personal reasons but I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

So how’s life these days?

Life is good…Always good;-)  Even when it’s not, it’s still pretty good.

ABOVE: An exquisite image of Lance in action, with the delicious Chloe Elise arched perfectly…pic courtesy of FirmHandSpanking.

Amen to that. So do you consider yourself a born spanko, so to speak, or did the interest for you develop later in life?

Since I can remember–maybe as early as 3?  My Mom’s best friend had a Continue reading “A Few Questions with Lance del Toro”

The Voyeuristic Urge of a SpankoSexual

Aren’t we all voyeurs really? When ya get right down to it? Does the idea of peeking through the proverbial keyhole to witness a good, hot spanking appeal to you? It sounds exquisite to me.

I love this voyeuristic angle, especially the above striking photo which truly gives you the sense, the perspective, the feeling of sneaking in to view some butt blistering.

This photo features Lena Ramon and Chloe Elise courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl. These images are from Clare Fonda’s ass-scorching domestic discipline epic called “Call Me First,” which also stars the lovely Sarah Gregory. I think Lena Ramon is playing the firm Mom here? Ouchies.

[In other news, casting has begun for Clare Fonda’s continuing schoolgirl spankfest saga–EE3: Exclusive Education, Part Three. Stay tuned for the latest. For more sweetness, check out Clare’s flagship site: Spanked Sweeties.]

* * *

The second photo below features new spankee Angel — who I believe is a real-life naughty teenager at 19 — getting a tanning in a classic Dad spanks naughty Daughter scenario courtesy of Real Life Spankings. What a delicious photo from the good folks at RLS. They also have recently featured some very unique outdoor bottom tannings recently, and a double-otk spanking that is intriguing to say the least.

Anyway, I can imagine myself hearing the spanks, and then cracking the door just a tiny bit, and seeing this gorgeous view of her pink bottom matching her pink pjs.

Thoughts, comments, etc welcome as always.

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