Cherry Red Bun Blazing Spanking News

The inimitable Chelsea Pfeiffer hauls the endlessly errant Sarah Gregory out of the bathtub and tans her wet backside to a glowing shade of cherry red hotness.  Via Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking Sarah Gregory
This is one way to dry off a wet bottom.

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After a brief hiatus, CherryRedMovies is back on its own domain at, of course,, featuring several thousand spanky vids for your viewing enjoyment.

Perv over to a few Editor’s Picks.

The most popular film playing now at CherryRedMovies continues to be Shadow Lane’s deliriously hot Paddled, Pleasured and Purged, starring Madison Young.

——>Perv on over to this blog post for more info and preview pix on this film.

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From Triple A, an extremely erotic and deliciously hott video featuring the beautiful Mishka…..

….And this video also features: Pigtails. Stripey socks. Red tushy. Wheelbarrow position. Uh huhhhh….This is must see viewing, via Triple A Spanking.

Check out a free preview gallery of Mishka and her bubble bum.

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On the new sorority spanking site, Kat. St. James gets initiated via a quite fearsome paddle…..[Available via the Clare multi-site pass as well.]

kat st. james gets spanked

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The beguiling Lila Night [read an interview with her Here] gets punished hard, via hand and belt, for sunbathing topless over at Real Spankings.

Lila Night spanked hard

*  *  *

Spanking star Dani Hunt and adult films star Cheyenne Jewell learn valuable, stinging and sizzling lessons on Chelsea’s Good Spanking site.

*  *  *

Lana works up a sweat dishing out some hard punishment for misbehaving Michelle Miller, who makes her scorching debut on Spanked Sweeties in a truly bun blazing scene.

——>Check out this post on Michelle Miller for more delicious spanking pix.

african-american spanking on

*  *  *

Pandora Blake gets one heck of a good lickin’ on her fab site Dreams of Spanking.

Pandora Blake gets spanked

*  *  *

Kisa shows her punishment prowess armed with a hairbrush on Marked Butts, as bad girl Stevie Rose squirms and bucks to no avail.

*  *  *

In a somewhat rare role reversal, Amelia Jane Rutherford gets her spank on to the detriment of Belinda Lawson’s bodacious bottom, on Firm Hand Spanking.

*  *  *

Chelsea punishes two tied beauties in the great outdoors, on Sinn Sage’s bun blistering hot and erotic spanking site.

*  *  *

Chloe and her super cute panties get it good and proper on My Spanking Roommate. In addition, Alannah Rae is back on Roomies as well, tanning Kay Richards.

Check out a free preview gallery.

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Adult film star Sharon Lee and Veronica Ricci engage in delightfully yummy, cherry red hijinks over on Call Girls.

Clare Fonda Appreciation Week: My Top 10 Favest Spanked Sweeties Galleries

I hereby declare, by the spanko bloggystyle power vested in me [and my trusty assministrator], and in regards to the legendary Clare Fonda’s announcement of her retirement from the spanko scene in order to pursue other pervy activities, I thusly pronounce this week Clare Fonda Appreciation Week, to celebrate Clare’s epicness.

And so, you see, I thought I’d attempt to select my Top 10 favest galleries from her flagship spanking site, Spanked Sweeties – all featuring Clare punishing a wayward hottie, all in her own classic “Momma Clare” style.

This is an impossible task, to pick a Top 10, that is — but it sure is fun trying. Very well then, I say, simply click on the pic for the full preview gallery, and enjoy the cherry redness! These are listed in no particular order…

1. Ashli Orion

Clare Fonda spanks Ashli Orion over the knee

2. Alannah Rae

3. Chloe Elise

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Top 10 Tips on Bratting by Special Guest Columnist Chloe

Just not getting that achey hot behind you utterly crave and desire? Looking to sleep on your tummy tonite? Or are you perhaps simply on a quest to drive your Dom to seek therapy?

Let Chloe help you!

We are in serious Defcon-5 Brat Mode here at CRR headquarters, and are alternately honored, delighted and frightened to present this special guest column by spanking celebrity Chloe, who is a seasoned specialist on all things spanking and bratting.

And, I might add, pouting. Chloe has one of the finest pouts in spanko history. On that note, she also is a master of the over-the-knee reverse leg kick maneuver. [Tops–PLEASE use caution.]

[FYI. The previous guest columnist on the cherry red blog was Sinn Sage, with her sizzling post on Top Tips on Erotic Spanking.]

If you don’t know Chloe, this unstoppable cutie and all-natural brat gets her spanko on professionally for a wide range of companies, ranging from Punished Brats to Clare Fonda to Bad Tushy, and more, and has her own cool blog HERE.

She also has an incredibly cute cat wonderfully named McLovin. This “spanko kitty” will be featured in a future post on “Spanking Models and Their Incredibly Cute Cats.”

Have your own bratting tips to share? I know you do, so feel free to leave them in the comment box.

* * *

Top 10 Ways to Get a Spanking Tonight: i.e. Bratting for Nice Girls (and Boys)” by special guest columnist Chloe

In case “hand me the paddle” or “get over my knee” are unfamiliar phrases in your daily life, check out the article on my blog for some tips on how to find a mate to spank you. If you’ve already got someone with a willing hand, here’s how to remind them that sometimes even good girls and boys need spankings.

1. Identify your spanker’s buttons and push them. (Not picking up after yourself, leaving the lights on, etc… Find the one thing they don’t like — and do it.)

Continue reading “Top 10 Tips on Bratting by Special Guest Columnist Chloe”

New Brats on the Block

So many bottoms. And so many brats. Yet so little time. Thusly, here is a sampling of some spanktastic news.

Briefly, in website news, if you are into bodacious, gorgeous black booty, check out the intriguing new Big Booty Spankings — it’s fantastic to see more diversity in the scene. [Related Posts: Black is Beautiful and Black Bottoms at BadTushy.]

And if you dig chicks in prison getting punished, and who doesn’t, perv on over to the completely redesigned Bars & Stripes for free video previews and fotos.

* * * * * * *

In new brat news, the hard-spanking, tear-inducing Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard fame is releasing a spanking video featuring the British beauty and supermodel Martina Warren, who has graced the cover of Penthouse as “Pet of The Year.”

According to Dallas, Ms. Warren gets her perky bottom blistered and of course slathered up with Dallas’ special vitamin-E oil. Perv on over to Dallas Spanks Hard for more preview pix.

That is Ms. Warren’s scorched tushy above, and lily-white behind directly below…..

* * * * * * *

The always delightful Chloe makes her tushy tanning debut today on BadTushy, getting her righteous bottom paddled red hot at the hands of the stunning Francesca Le, of GoodSpanking fame. Below is a preview pic of the spanking goodness, featuring some incredibly cute panties which will inevitably get peeled southwards. . .

* * * * * * *

In other spankastic news, how the good folks at PunishedBrats, and all sites for that matter, continue to find such lovely spankees and naughty miscreants remains something of a mystery to this blogger. OK now who wants some candy? Or rather, should I say eye-candy. . .

An exquisite pro-shot photograph of candy-coated new spankee Tina Tink. Never in history have M&M’s looked so alluring.

PunishedBrats welcomes to its team the charming beauty of pro model and hot spankee Tina Tink [also pictured directly below], and the girl-next-door cuteness of Amanda Rose. On a side note, I must say my current major weakness on this site is the breath-taking Erica Corvina.

TINA TINK: Tina receives some behavior modification therapy, brat-style.

* * * * * * *

AMANDA ROSE: Can someone be too cute to spank?? Apparently not at PunishedBrats.

* * * * * * * *

Our European friends over at Girls Boarding School recently unveiled an incredibly spankable new model: Simone. You will want to click over to this FREE GALLERY of schoolgirl Simone. Enjoy.

* * * * * * *

And lest we forget, Katie Angel, who is no stranger to spankings, recently made her skin-tight jeans-clad debut on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties and you can check Katie’s sample pix HERE. The Sweeties site is also accessible via Clare’s multi-site pass.

* * * * * * *

Jolie brings her tight rear and skimpy red thong to Real Life Spankings. I’ve run out of superlatives….[Related Post: She’s No Angel: The Interview.]

Exclusive: Talking Spanko with Paul from Punished Brats

It’s always refreshing to get the perspectives and insights from a Top. A seasoned Spanker. A strict Dom. A Pro Spanko.

Most blogs, this one included, are often naturally quite fixated on all the beautiful spankees and bottoms, such as the spanktastic Morgan Mae pictured at left, squirming over the lap of Paul Wilson.

I’m also fascinated on how a pro Top gets these apparent dream jobs in the first place. So we decided on a short interview with Paul [pictured here as the Spanker in all photos] who is a new addition to the tail tanning team at the Punished Brats website.

We discussed topics ranging from his preferred “camera-friendly” spanking techniques to who is the brattiest model he has disciplined.

I must say I find Paul’s story in getting this cinematic spanking gig pretty inspiring. Currently, my day-job involves toiling away in a cubicle in a windowless, possibly haunted basement that was formerly a bomb shelter with a manic-depressive, control-freak of a boss. But I digress. . .

* * *

Thank you Paul for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report!

Thanks a lot for having me. I’m a long-time reader, so it’s an honor!

So how did you end up with what seems to be a dream job at Punished Brats? And how did you find out about this opportunity in the first place?

I saw an ad on the website, so I wrote to them. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I got an email saying they were interested.

Did you have to go on a job interview, send them your resume, do some tryouts/screen-tests and such ?

Actually, it was more like jumping in at the deep end. I corresponded with Pixie [pictured at right] via email before talking with David [the company’s owner] on the phone. The phone conversation with David was essentially the interview. He has the final say. They had other applicants before me, so by the time I wrote, they had a pretty good feel for the market. Once a date was set for the shoot, it was all systems go!

Heya, do you think they might offer me a gig? :-))

I think anything is possible Dave, but you’d have to thumb-wrestle me for it!

Hehe….What was your first scene that you filmed with Punished Brats? I think with Pixie? And what was that experience like?

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