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Is the unbelievably diminutive Superman pictured above running seriously low on some Kryptonite or what?? At least old-fashioned Dad is there to spank his miniaturized ass, which appears to be about the size of a postage stamp.

Just happened upon this surreal mini Superman spanking comic on the Interwebs–not quite sure if I’ve seen this image before, which is why I’m giving it some brief bloggage. Anyone know the backstory on this spanktastically strange vintage illo ?

It’s weird yet humorous in a pervy, highly spankosexualized way, don’t you think, fellow spankos?


UNSEEN ROSALEEN? Hmm mm way too sizzlingly delicious. This delightful pic set and quite hot film are sorta’ newish to me: Check out these exquisite, pulse-quickening Rosaleen Young sample photos and vids from OTK Spank. Perfection personified. And you gotta’ love RY’s stunning Top in this film inexplicably taking her jeans and panties down in the middle of this film. Life is good! [Here’s another hot Rosaleen young gallery, and also check out this one Here, with RY in booty style panties, or are they shorts….I’m not big into caning, but Rosaleen getting caned in this pic set Here? I’ll make an exception.]

* * *

TIME TO TUSHY:  I’m kinda obsessed with this film: The Bad Tushy folks have created a masterwork in this recently released assterpiece, starring Ms. Law [aka: Kayla Quinn], and a super hottie, name unknown.  Ms. Law is one of the hardest, and most determined and intense, spankers that I have seen. [Check out her exclusive Q&A on this blog Here.]  In this film, we have one of my faves: super skin tight jeans spanking at its very finest.  And the belt comes off……Check out some yummy sample Bad Tushy spanking pix here and quick sample flash spanking vid here.

* * *

THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF ANGELINA:  I have been waiting for this moment for almost 2 years. The amazing Angelina [pictured at right] has returned to PunishedBrats after a long hiatus from the spanko scene. When I first saw this petite beauty, I was transfixed by her charmingly perfect posterior. And have you seen their new bratty cutie Mischa?? And Andi Rae? And also Bronte? et al? Fab work as always to David Pierson and Pixie at P-Brats.

* * *

PACK YOUR PADDLES FOR FLAMING FANNIES IN FLORIDA: The good people at Florida Moonshine have kindly informed this blogger that they are throwing a Tropical Beach Party in June 2010. Check out their website for the details. Don’t forget sunscreen and aloe lotion!

* * *

GET YOUR BAD ASS TO ATLANTIC CITY: The Strictly Spanking New York club, along with their Philly chapter [we need a Boston chapter! *grins*], is having a “huge” spanking weekend in Atlantic City April 2010.  Application info is on their party website, which has the coolest name ‘eva for a spanko shindig: BoardWalk Badness Weekend.

* * *

NAUGHTY DAUGHTER CHLOE: Is spank star Chloe Elise not getting more amazing every year?

Check out this pervy Mom/daughter spanking, and candid interview(!), with Clare and Chloe on Cherry Red Movies. It’s quite spanktastic really.  Plus it even features Chloe in jean short-shorts, which is truly a sight to behold. Oh, and that pink bikini….

* * *

PERVERTABLE ALERT: Saw at Target the other day the largest “pervertable” paddle-size hairbrush I’ve ever seen. Made by Conair.  Hmmm! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, lalala, everywhere you go….la..tralala…

* * *

OF SINN SAGE AND THE ROAD TO RECOVERY: As you may recall, spanking and fetish supermodel Sinn Sage was hospitalized in May of this year, with a very serious head injury in a freak snowboarding accident. With the help of the tireless Chelsea Pfeiffer and the entire spanko community who worked together as one to raise money to help offset her medical bills, Sinn’s on the lengthy road to a full recovery.  Be that as it may, by the looks of her latest drippingly erotic SinnSage website updates, ummm, I’m no doctor, but she appears completely and fully cured! :smile:

* * *

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Exclusive: The Spanking Art of Dave Wolfe

I promise that you have never seen this one before.

Drawn exclusively for The Cherry Red Report, this asstastic illo by the talented artist Dave Wolfe is a fine example of his whimsical style and humorous yet sexy take on the spanking scene. And blending spanking and daisy dukes is simply an award-winning combo platter of goodness. [Note to Self: Update the Daisy Dukes Report!]

Dave draws his popular and ongoing “Wolfie Toons” series for the top-notch romantic spanking fiction site, Discipline and Desire, which offers to members a plentiful potpourri of hot spank stories, art and heaps more. Do check out the Free Previews section.

Anyway, big thanks from The Cherry Red Report to the Wolfman for this wonderfully rendered comic illustration.

I think it is essential to enjoy this kink with a wink and a good dose of humor and fun (spanking REALLY is play, right?) and this artist clearly embraces that view with his kinky, pervy funny bone.

Have fun with your fetish, people! Besides, our fetish kicks other fetishes’ asses, but that is for a future post.

Looking at this illo, it is quite a pleasure seeing a naughty hottie clad in skin-hugging, bursting at the seams daisy dukes getting some butt percussion in the forest from a large wolf who is a serial spanko.

That is not something you see everyday.

And I do love the observant squirrel (whose large tail looks like it good do some tail tanning if called upon), and the highly umm…aroused…well…intrigued rabbit with his..errm….carrot.

CRR asked Dave the million dollar question.

Daisy Dukes. Talk to me. Do you share the love of all things dukes?

Yes!! I was in Puberty Overdrive as the 70’s began and Hot Pants hit the fashion scene! One of my very favorite late-50’s rock-n-roll tunes is the Royal Teens’ “Short Shorts.” I absolutely adore the opposite sex, in shorts, in pants, in dresses, in tight skirts, in swimsuits, in lingerie, and in nothing! Yep, I was well well set even before Catherine Bach showed up to put her lovely and enduring stamp on popular culture, bless her!”


[Want to see more? CRR featured another excellent Dave Wolfe illo in April 2007 in this post: No Running By The Pool.]

* * *

ADDENDUM: If you like Dave Wolfe, check out other fine artists such as:

And the biggest spank-art site I’ve ever seen:

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